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Saturday, 5 May 2018

Kult Creations: Captain Wylde 001

Writer: John A. Short
Artist: Gabrielle Noble
Full Colour
US comic Size
For ordering visit Kult Creations site

O-kay.  This came out September, 2017? That's 9 months ago..there are other reviews it seems. If I wasn't a big fan of Gabriel Noble and some of the things Kult Creations have brought out I'd give this one a miss.  Really, I am at that stage -I tell off the bigger companies for lateness so why not?

I need happy pills.


Well, I love old Pirate movies.  I love pirate history. I have a few comic albums and old comics in German and French featuring pirates and thanks to Cinebook even more in English now. So why not Kult Creations?  Me being a cantankerous old git aside, I don't think Kult has produced anything I do not like. I like them so much I'd give John Short an extra long cuddle (despite previous police warnings).

Short calls this a "Clock-punk adventure" because "It's too early for Steam!".  Well, fair enough. A new genre!  In this story Captain Cinnamon Wylde sets out to find the cause of a supernatural symbol that has mysteriously appeared on the palm of her hand -a bit like ye dreaded Black spot, shipmate!".  So, as she is on the British colony of New Devonshire and it is 1725 -the Golden Age of pirates- she heads off to consult Mingyun -The Keeper of Books. Wylde is accompanied by an homunculus (Google it) by the name of Erasmus. 

To cut a long story short, Wylde soon finds herself in a fast moving adventure that pits her against Lady Lockwood in her guise as Captain Dunaway aboard the Wicked Lady.  There is a lovely clockwork robot to fight as well as Wylde facing off against Dunaway.

All well written by Short and,in my opinion (which is the opinion that counts here), wonderfully drawn by Gabrielle Noble (I miss Spliffy!) and the colours in this book are really eye-catching which includes the parchment toned, rather than white pages and borders. Short and Noble together always means the reader is in for a treat. This is another tour de force for the duo and I hope this is not the last we'll see of the Captain or Erasmus.

One more great character to add to the Kult Universe!

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