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Monday, 7 May 2018

The Best Comic Shops in Berlin (and Leipzig)

To keep the balance even I ought to point out that Four Square also lists the top comic shops in Berlin

And do not forget the Comic Combo Leipzig

Riemannstraße 31
Leipzig, Germany


Call +49 341 2124520

Modern Graphics is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Oranienstr. 22, Berlin, Berlin
Comic Shop · Kreuzberg · 23 tips and reviews
Felipe T.Felipe Tofani: great comic store with tons of german alternative comics and the usual american comics. it is worth a look.
lamazonelamazone: Great selection of comics, graphic novels and gadgets. A must visit if you're a comic fan.
Mathies J.Mathies Jespersen: Large collection of English graphic novels
Black Dog Comics is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Rodenbergstr. (Schönhauser Allee), Berlin, Berlin
Comic Shop · Prenzlauer Berg · 7 tips and reviews
Peter S.Peter Schueler: They fulfill all your needs in comic books coming from the US. Brilliant staff and a good collection of books in stock. Missing things can be ordered!
Igor .Igor 🐵: Nice selection of US comics & very helpful folks behind the counter. Recommended!
Ondřej K.Ondřej Kolašín: Excellent selection of comics (especially if you are Marvel fan).
Grober Unfug is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Torstr. 75 (Christinenstr.), Berlin, Berlin
Comic Shop · Prenzlauer Berg · 12 tips and reviews
John M.John Morrison: The best comic book shop I've found in Berlin! Trades in both English and Deutsch. Wide selection of current issues as well. (English only)
Leo N.Leo N-B: A comic book store in Berlin with a good selection of English graphic novels and the usual super heroes.
Hanna M.Hanna Mod: My favourite comic shop since at least 15 years. If one comic of a series is missing in the shelves, don't hesitate to ask them for it. They probably have another copy in stock.
Neurotitan is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Rosenthaler Str. 39, Berlin, Berlin
Art Gallery · Mitte · 14 tips and reviews
I Wanna Go ThereI Wanna Go There: Between Cinema Cafe and H&M, in Haus Schwarzenberg, there is a courtyard, you have to walk to the end and go upstairs, in the first floor you will find this comic store / artshop/ galerie. Read more.
Martin J.Martin Jordan: Remains the best indie comic book store in this city: rare titles in stock, great odd music playing and exhibitions you won’t see elsewhere.
Annix L.Annix L.: Very good selection of independent books, art and comics.
Modern Graphics is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Kastanienallee 79, Berlin, Berlin
Comic Shop · Prenzlauer Berg · 1 tip
B. Aaron T.B. Aaron Talbot: wow, just wow: amazing selections for comics/graphic novels in german, english, and french...incredibly helpful and knowledgeable staff, definitely visit if you are even remotely interested in comics.
Big Brobot is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Kopernikusstraße 19, Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Boxhagener Kiez · 19 tips and reviews
MichellaMichella: They have a very cool selection of books on art, street art and design. Also toys and clothing. Nice shop to wander around for a while
Jeroen B.Jeroen Bryon: Great collection of books on street art.
Deep G.Deep Ghosh: Not just books but also random funky toys and clothing!
Eschenbräu is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Triftstr. 67, Berlin, Berlin
Brewery · Sprengelkiez · 106 tips and reviews
Ania P.Ania P.: Comic sans everywhere!
Vitaly T.Vitaly Tatarintsev: I like the comic sans font
Christoph L.Christoph Lange: Pretty cool and hidden place in Wedding. It's a modern brewery in the backyard of a student home. They also brew their own whiskey
ComeBuy Bubble Tea is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Rosenthaler Str. 31, Berlin, Berlin
Bubble Tea Shop · Mitte · 49 tips and reviews
MrWhiteman R.MrWhiteman Reviews: Awesome pancakes, with sweet and sour fillings. Must try! The right wall is actually a bookshelf with Japanese comic books. Lovely place in a most fashionable district.
Caroline D.Caroline Deng: It tastes like authentic milk tea here! The classic bubble tea and taro bubble tea are my favorite. Many people also overlook the gigantic pork buns that they serve which are warm, tasty, and filling.
Jc T.Jc Tu: Just like Taipei, except the whole €s thing
pro qm is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Almstadtstr. 45, Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Mitte · 11 tips and reviews
Pol G.Pol Gomà Deàs: Design book store. Perfect to spend some hours getting surprised by unique books.
Per Zennstrom PhotographyPer Zennstrom Photography: Incredible well stocked art, design, architecture & urban affairs bookstore. A bit highbrow but still very friendly and knowledgable staff...
Christian R.Christian Reuterwall: Great selection of books on graphic design and architecture
Bücherbogen is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Stadtbahnbogen 593 (Savignyplatz), Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Charlottenburg · 11 tips and reviews
Happy CitygirlHappy Citygirl: best bookshop in the world!! ambiance is so great! wonderful books art design architecture photo
Volker W.Volker Wohlfarth: Best book shop for art, design, architecture, photography and fashion in town
Thomas S.Thomas Schinabeck: You will leave a lot of money here... Best Art, Architecture, Photo etc. Bookstore in town...
Saint George's is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Wörther Str. 27 (Rykestr.), Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Kollwitzkiez · 24 tips and reviews
Karin B.Karin B: One of the best bookstores in Europe if you ask me. Lovely interior for a bookshop and their prices are too good to be true. Must visit for every booklover that prefers English books.
Wim M.Wim Mulder: I could spend all day here browsing through all the sections, awesome selection of English books and very knowledgeable staff!
Jay S.Jay Shaw: Definitely the best English bookshop in Berlin. Both a used and new section. Great philo, theory, and fiction, and they buy back books.
Dussmann das KulturKaufhaus is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Friedrichstr. 90, Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Unter den Linden · 181 tips and reviews
Fraser T.Fraser The Mighty: Great bookshop. Large English bookstore in the back and a nice play area for the little ones on the first floor.
Best Western Central EuropeBest Western Central Europe: Huge store with a large selection of books (also in English), DVD, CDs, etc. Be prepared to spend a lot of money!
Martin J.Martin Jordan: Still the best book store in town. They just know the books they sell. Had to choose from 2 of the same topic & got a great advice based on solid criteria.
Kookaburra Comedy Club is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Schönhauser Allee 184, Berlin, Berlin
Comedy Club · Prenzlauer Berg · 9 tips and reviews
Donald B.Donald Burke: Comedy from Berlin's top English speaking comics. The fabulous Summer Banks performs here.
regsregs: definitely be there at english Comedy Night!
regsregs: Check out the Comedysportz Events!
Wonder Waffel is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Adalbertstr. 88, Berlin, Berlin
Dessert Shop · Kreuzberg · 42 tips and reviews
Jesse B.Jesse Bongards: The best waffle place far and wide!! And there are comics :)
Nathália D.Nathália Duarte: Great soy icecream
Maria Ines G.Maria Ines Guaia Keeble: The waffles are really great and come with your name written in sweet sauce! I reccomend ordering to share. The place is night but the lighting maybe too bright and cold, doesnt feel very intimate.
Shakespeare and Sons is one of The 15 Best Places for Comics in Berlin.
Warschauer Str. 74 (Grünberger Str.), Berlin, Berlin
Bookstore · Boxhagener Kiez · 46 tips and reviews
MatthiasMatthias: Decent place with tasty bagels... Fast Wi-Fi, a few books, good chill and working area... The music is creating the perfect atmosphere... :)
Daniele U.Daniele Ugolini: Amazing bagels, great coffee and the perfect music. Great work vibe and fast wifi
Tracy R.Tracy Rolling: Good music. Good work vibe in the cafe area. I prefer saint George for books, but this one for cake and hang out.

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