Friday, 25 May 2018

There Are Very Good Reasons WHY I Do Not Use it

I do not really want to explain this all again so pay attention.  I was asked again why I do not use adsense to make money from CBO.

Firstly, I have no say in what adverts Google/adsense put on my blog.  The last time I tried adsense I specified quite clearly that alcohol, tobacco and gambling were strictly no go on the blog as this is a general readership blog and in some countries those type of things can cause readers problems.

Ahem. Well, gambling ads appeared. I had made  fair amount from adsense then I got an email stating that one advert was from a company highlighted in news fraud stories. I clicked on the ad and checked. Yes, it was indeed very suspicious.  I contacted Google and explained all of this and also gave them links to the news stories.

An hour later CBO was banned from having an adsense account. I had breached the very unclear and undefined rules of Adsense.  You see, I had clicked an ad on my own blog -no matter for what reason- and BOOM! Blocked. The money I had earned? Gone. When I asked I was told I had forfeited the earnings through misappropriate use...I clicked an ad.  Even had I thought "Wow.  That is something I have been looking for" and clicked the ad and bought something -violation.

Just checked and a good few years later I am still blocked.

I am not going to agree to advertising on this blog that I have no say in.  It can be misleading and who gets the brunt of blame if someone clicks and advert and gets screwed over? Me.  Even though I have nothing to do with it. It is on MY blog.

That is why I do not use adsense -would not want to and am blocked any way.

Any future questions on this subject go into Spam.

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