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Sunday, 15 September 2019


The total and utterly overwhelming lack of response to anything written on CBO is unbelievable.

Remember that I post all of this stuff because I know it interests people -even if my near dead laptop doesn't want me to post anything (its probably trying to tell me something).  I've tried Patreon in the past to keep things going -absolutely no response. Support the continued work by buying the books -absolutely no response. Go Fund Me....guess?  PayPal donations....guess again.

I noted today that several sites are using my posts, uncredited and as their own work.

CBO began in 1999 and even when it moved to WordPress there were comments. Since 2006 no one
really bothers commenting -not one of the thousands reading the blog.

In the face of total apathy what can you do but give up.

Barring a totally unforeseen sponsorship deal, more review material or a flood of comments I think CBO has had its day.  Go to Bleeding Cool and other sites to get your fake news rather than factual because after 24 years its clear CBO is not wanted.

Yeah, pissed off and sick and tired.

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