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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Wednesday 31 August 2011

Ealing Comic Expo

SUNDAY 18th SEPT 11am – 4.30pm Entry £3
( opp Ealing Common Tube Station )
In association with

Sponsored by
SUNDAY 18th SEPT 11am – 4.30pm Entry £3
( opp Ealing Common Tube Station )

With Guests
COMIC EXPO EALING is delighted to host
a very special DC LAUNCH Signing with
who will be signing copies of his

COMIC EXPO is delighted to welcome author DAVID J H SMITH who will be signing his 1st novel The TITANIC’S MUMMY

…with MORE TBA!
Best writer Thor: The Mighty Avenger (Marvel)
Special award for humor in comics The Muppet Show (BOOM! Studios)


Cinebook is the 9th Art publisher, bringing you a range of the greatest comic book titles available.
We carefully select and translate into English some of the finest bestsellers from France and Belgium. These outstanding titles entertain and enlighten all age groups–the young and young at heart as well as older readers.
We present rising stars in the comic-book world in their first English editions and also offer classic titles that parents and grandparents will remember from their youth!
In 2011, Cinebook will publish 39 new titles.
Welcome to the enriching wonders of the 9th Art!


JOHN HIGGINS will be showcasing his signature title @ EXPO!
John will be creating a piece of art during the show which will be won by one attendee!
Visit John’s stand for the full details.


The Ace 30th Birthday celebrations continue at Expo this September with special deals, give aways and a dedicated signing with MIKE CAREY

Ace Comics was founded in 1981 by owner and managing director Martin Averre, with the flagship Colchester store being opened in 1982. Since then, Ace has expanded to four shops around the UK and become the third biggest direct market chain in Great Britain, while still retaining its independent spirit

Markosia Enterprises Ltd

EXpo EXclusive!
COMIC EXPO is delighted that after the launch of BULLETPROOF COFFIN last year we have DAVID HINE giving us a EXpo EXclusive sneek peek @ the forthcoming second volume:
The Bulletproof Coffin Disinterred

ie Starship Troopers while stocks last


The Vessel of Terror
Magnus Aspli (writer) Dave Acosta (art)
Goran Kostadinoski (colors)
128 pages Full Color $17.99 / £12.99p
Out in the Arctic Ocean, the research vessel Alesia manages to capture a mysterious Magnapinna squid, an animal never before captured by mankind. The researchers, led by Maria, decide to take the specimen back to port in Bergen, Norway. However, what they bring home isn’t just a scientific wonder but also a thing more horrific than Pandora’s Box. Soon, madness creeps into the crew of the Alesia and friends become monsters.
ISBN: 978-1-905692-57-6

Unbelievable – The Man Who Ate Daffodils
Simon Wyatt (story/art)
160 pages Black and White $17.99 / £12.99p
The close-knit community of Bryn Boncath has its share of local legends and half believed histories. It has also become the scene of a series of bizarre and mysterious deaths. People are afraid to go into out after dark and sightings of a monstrous beast are on the increase once again. What Ben Ellis took to be the tall tales of his grandfather may be more than just stories.
ISBN: 978-1-905692-60-6

Founded in 2005, Markosia Enterprises Ltd is a multi-faceted publishing company specializing in sequential story-telling. From well known properties like King Kong and Starship Troopers to creator owned works like The Lexian Chronicles, The Young Sherlock Holmes Adventures, Midnight Kiss and Serpent Wars, Markosia has become known for quality art and stories.

Markosia have recently embarked on some exciting projects away from the comic book market also, including major contributions towards the acclaimed Doppleganger Chronicles series by G. P. Taylor that was expertly adapted by Tony Lee and superbly illustrated by Dan Boultwood. We have also entered the gaming and apps world, with Growing Up Enchanted now available as a game for download via iTunes, the first of many such projects coming to you soon. Our books now feature prominently on iTunes, Playstation Comics and Ave Comics, and will be featuring on many other platforms over this year


TRIPWIRE is Britain’s longest-running comics and genre magazine, interviewing everyone from Will Eisner to James Robinson, Guillermo Del Toro to Alan Moore since 1992. Now publishing as a digital bi-monthly, it offers what no other comic magazine does…
“Tripwire is pop-culture champagne, the one-stop must-have magazine for all that’s cool and classy in comics, film & TV. I’d be an uncultured loon without it.” – Christopher Fowler, writer Bryant & May
TRIPWIRE commemorates 2011 with a brand new print edition featuring an exclusive Elric painted cover.

Come by and meet the creators of this Eagle-nominated magazine…

MORE EXpo EXhibitors


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Corvus Press is a new independent publisher. Our aim is to produce limited series with story arcs between 4 to 6 issues in length,  these will be released as individual comics and then as a collection in graphic novel format. Beginning with Special Operations Executive:”The Baker Street Irregulars” – Tasked to deal with the events the ordinary security services aren’t able to handle alien incursion and the paranormal are all in a day’s work for the Irregulars. However, when the population of an isolated community on the south west coast of England are discovered dead in the local church a chilling fact becomes clear. Something far darker and sinister is about to manifest.
Brett Ewins will be selling art and signing his Amazon charted Art Of Brett Ewins book!

Johnny Red – Falcon’s First Flight

Johnny Red – Falcon’s First Flight

Tom Tully, Joe Colquhoun
Black and white comic strip
Hardback: 128pp
297 x 220mm
Publication date: 28 January 2011
ISBN: 9781848560338
RRP £14.99 Buy now

Britain’s best-loved aerial combat comic returns in a gorgeous hardback library edition!

When pilot Johnny Redburn is discharged from the RAF for striking an officer, he is forced to join the Merchant Navy. But a German sneak attack forces Redburn back into the air — in a stolen Hurricane! Redburn aims for Russia, planning to save his plane and career, but on landing, meets the “Falcon Squadron” of the 5th Soviet Air Brigade, who are under German attack! Redburn takes to the skies once more — to fight for Russia!

The classic series by Tom Tully (Roy of the Rovers) and Joe Colquhoun (Charley’s War) makes its explosive debut and includes a new introduction by comics legend Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, War Story) and a feature on air combat!

Ahh. Johnny Red. I was never into the fly-boy strips in comics until I saw a few of the Colquhoun illustrated JRs. For me, though, John Cooper was the JR artist. Now, with this book I can see that Colquhoun and Coop were the definitive artists on the strip -there were various artists brought in to try to copy their styles on the strip but all failed!

There is an introduction by Jeremy Briggs and also Garth Ennis. But above all else there is Tom Tully’s scripting. Often maligned as a “hack” by those who were either jealous or simply hated the fact that he was so prolific, Tully could tell a good story with great pace and enough tension to make you curse having to wait a week to read the next part.  Sadly, never got to track him down for an interview (despite the best efforts of Gil Page) but he is a script writer to look up to.

Now, team Tully up with a really great artist and that was it. The reader was trapped by the script and the art. In this case, Joe Colquhoun (whose Masterman strip was published in a Black Tower Gold).

Colquhoun (pronounced “kohl-hoon”) had an art style that saw him achieve a place in comics history yet comic fans of under 35 years of age  give you blank looks when you mention his name!!! Now there is no excuse. If there was one thing Colquhoun could do it was draw the nitty-gritty of war.  Make a character look as though he had gone through Hell and that was only the starter.

Everything from the uniforms, weapons the ships and, of course, the aircraft was spot on -even burned out aircraft had accurate wooden framing drawn in.  The action is sudden and the “quiet periods” deceive.  You want to try to draw comics -study this book.

Above all else, these Titan books present the work in crisp black and white and on quality paper that will last.  None of that off-colour newsprint that would tear if you sneezed near it or, even worse, had the ink from the next page seeping through it so that art was sometimes not as good as it should be.

And this volume has the impossible to get origin of Johnny Red.  At this price can you lose out? NO!

This is Colquhoun at his best (outside of Charlie’s War) as an artist and Tully at his best as a writer.

Hopefully, one day, there will be a John Cooper JR collection. Until then, this has to be the Christmas present for the comicker in your life!

Sunday 28 August 2011 screw up again

Although Silvermaigne:Knight Ghoul Hunter and a revised The Tall Trees have been uploaded to you can't see them. I cant see them. Lulu moved my page so that there are now 9 listing 90 books 990> Yes, 90 -because they've listed titles 2 or 3 times over the site.

I have to now wait to see what happens.

I can't even order anything and neither can other people. Wonderful.

Monday 22 August 2011

The Crow -Special Edition

The Crow (Special Edition)

James O’Barr
Titan Books
Paperback: 272pp
Dimensions: 258 x 170mm
Publication date: 5 August 2011
ISBN: 9780857687951
RRP £16.99 Buy now

After the murder of his fiancee by a vicious street gang, a man rises from the grave to wreak bloody vengeance upon those who wronged him. Fully remastered and revised by artist James O’Barr himself, the timeless story of The Crow (also made into the cult movie starring Brandon Lee) returns in a new author’s edition with over sixty pages of previously unseen material, including new story pages and deleted scenes from the original book!

I will admit here that I’ve only ever seen a couple of The Crow comics and never picked them up to read.  I did see the moview which was a little fun in places but bloody depressing -but no one promised there’d be Munchkins running around and singing in it so I got what I expected.

The back cover blurb reads:”When James O’Barr poured the pain and anguish of a personal tragedy into the drawings that comprise The Crow, his intensely cathartic story of Eris –who returns from the dead to avenge his and his fiancee’s murder at the hands of a street gang -resonated with readers around the world…”
You can see why.  The art is, in places, a bit “crude” but it does not detract from the storytelling. There are violent scenes.  Bitter sweet scenes.  Scenes that make you wince. Rather sweet scenes and some of the dialogue is rather unique given the context of the scenes it is spoken in.

There is nothing here that dates the book.  There are new story pages -pages deleted from the original series and more -over sixty pages of new art. 

A fantastic cover and a fantastic story. When you think that there is probably a new generation out there that has never read the series you want to shout “READ THIS!!”

Superbly packaged and if you know any Goths or Emos this will do them for their birthdays or Christmas.

Classical Comics: Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Wuthering Heights - Original Text Wuthering Heights - Quick Text
British English Language Versions
British Editions (Cover price £9.99)
Click here for an explanation of the text versions
Original Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-906332-87-7Click here to buy
Quick Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-906332-88-4Click here to buy
Previews Available (pdfs)
Original Text Sampler Quick Text Sampler
American English Language Versions
US Editions (Cover price $16.95)
Click here for an explanation of the text versions
Original Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-907127-11-3
Pub Date:March 2012
Quick Text Version
ISBN: 978-1-907127-12-0
Pub Date:March 2012

Wuthering Heights

Emily Brontë 

“That minx, Catherine Linton, or Earnshaw, or however she was called – wicked little soul! She told me she had been walking the earth these twenty years: a just punishment for her mortal transgressions, I’ve no doubt!”

Emily Brontë’s only novel is famous the world over and is the favourite classic of many readers. It is easy to see why, with hardship, insanity, cruelty, frustrated love, and ghosts. What more could anyone want from a book?
Script Adaptation: Sean M. Wilson
Artwork: John M. Burns
Lettering: Jim Campbell

Format: 160 pages
full colour
sewn paperback
(click here for info)
Original Text (abridged)
Quick Text
Coloured (unlettered) pages:
Of course, when I was a school kid we never read the Bronte sisters at all. They were considered by educationalists to be “a girls books” and we boys had our own standard reading material.  I think it’s one of the things I appreciate more now that I’ve, uh, “matured” -reading books we were not allowed to or just didn’t give a hoot about back then.

Of course, the one thing that is consistent about Clive Bryant’s Classical Comics is the quality of the package you get.

The script adapting the book is spot on and well paced.

The art is…well, this is John M. Burns -probably one of the most under rated comic artists around.  Click on the small pages to get a larger image -if they look ultra-detailed and superb in this size on a computer screen wait til you see the printed page!  This is a master artist at work and if this doesn’t get you then get back to looking at match-stick figures it’s all you deserve!

There are the two versions, of course -Original Text and Quick Text. What this adaption does is bring out the characterisation and plot of Bronte’s which can be quite dark in places  with the sudden explosion of violence (I saw pages 44-47 and did say “Yiiii!” out loud!) . This was Emily’s only novel which is sad but, if you’ve read about the Bronte Sisters you’ll know their lives were bloody depressing!  Luckily, there is a bio in this book as well as a look at how page creation works from script to finished page.

Educationally, this is another book schools ought to have.  In fact, it would be nice to see every school in the country have a set of Classical Comics books.

After the incredible A Midsummer Nights Dream, I have to write that Wuthering Heights is yet another graphic novel adaption that anyone professing to be a comic fan should have in their collection.

Check out the company site because if you’ve never read a Classical Comics book then you are missing out.  seriously.

Saturday 20 August 2011

New Release: Paul Brown’s THE TALL TREES

Paul A. Brown
Black Tower CG
Black & White

Paul Ashley Brown, renowned co-creator of the 1980s cult Vigilante Vulture and in more recent years the Browner Knowle series and Laurie Bird (amongst others), wrote and drew a weird and disturbing strip for a Black Tower anthology.

I saw it and decided that no way was this being hidden amongst other strips. Probably the best comic he’s written/drawn in ages!

Here it is in all its lush black and white goryness!

New Release: Dilworth’s Horror & Ghost Stories

Dilworth’s Horror & Ghost Stories
Black Tower CG
Black & White

Well, it had to happen! The Phantom Detective introduces 12 illustrated text stories designed to get you ready for All Hallows Eve…or just a cosy night in reading.

If you are one of the Xendragon fans from Black Tower Adventure then you need to know that chrome dome cameos in this -but its not linked to any ongoing story so you don’t have to buy to understand what’s going on somewhere!

You like ghosts and horror then this should set you right!

Sunday 14 August 2011

Super Heroes Of Suburbia

I don’t know if any CBOers saw this 25 minute programme? There are a LOT of people in the UK -as in the US/Mexico- adopting costumes to “right wrongs” but only four featured in this programme that seemed to be edited to make it all one big joke.

The article below refers to The Dark Void and his “Spider-man” costume. Actually, its based on the Golden Age (US) Daredevil.  I was choked up with laughter at certain points especially since the participants failed to take heed of all the super hero rules:

1) Never be seen in public without your mask (even Blue Saviour stood by that one when going to a disco…a DEATH DISCO!).

2) Never publicly reveal your secret identity.

3) Never be filmed with loved ones who are named.

4) Never EVER reveal where you live.

There is more -I mean they breached most rules whereas former KGB man, Wade Retro is NEVER EVER seen without his mask and The Masked Colonel…well, sadly, they weren’t in this programme.

The You Tube link:

The article by Steven Morris of The Guardian :

TV’s Superheroes of Suburbia shows secret lives of citizens who patrol streets

The Dark Spartan wears strange clothes, but he’s one of many upstanding citizens featured in a new Channel 4 documentary
The Dark Spartan
The Dark Spartan, aka Will, 27, from Torquay, one of the superheroes of suburbia featured on Channel 4. Photograph: Richard Ansett/Channel 4
By day he is a mild-mannered financial adviser from Devon. But at night he dons an outfit that makes him look like a cross between a riot cop and a gladiator to become “the Dark Spartan”, roaming the mean streets of Torquay on Friday and Saturday nights trying to keep the good people of the English Riviera safe.

The Dark Spartan – aka 27-year-old Will – is the star of a Channel 4 programme, First Cut: Superheroes of Suburbia. According to the programme, there is a growing band of upstanding citizens such as Will to be found trying to clean up the streets of Britain. As well as the Dark Spartan, there is a former soldier called Ken who operates as “the Shadow” and uses “ninjutsu” techniques and smoke bombs to tackle boy racers in Yeovil, Somerset. In Yorkshire, Keiran, a 17-year-old comic-book obsessive, takes on the persona of “Noir” to target muggers.

The programme does not appear to be a spoof. Devon and Cornwall police confirmed that it was “aware of the presence of the Dark Spartan in Torbay”.

However, officers are not routinely picking up the phone to him when trouble is afoot. “Police in Torbay will continue to deal with any incidents as part of their normal duties and investigate any allegations or offences as appropriate,” said a spokeswoman.

Will is accompanied by a Robin-style sidekick on his rounds of Torbay – a comic-store worker who dubs himself the Black Void, sporting a Spiderman costume and carrying a cane. “The Void” admits he has a weak spot, suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, which can cause problems if things get “a little tasty”.

It is probably just as well that one of the pair’s main duties appears to be escorting drunks home rather than fighting twisted master criminals. If messages posted on a Facebook page in the Dark Spartan’s nameare accurate, there is quite a bit of gratitude in Torbay.

“Dark Spartan, I love you. Even when I behaved like a drunk idiot last night, you remained patient and even carried me some of my drunken way home!” reads one message.

Inevitably, not all are kind. “Dark Spartan isn’t a real superhero! He’s a man in riot gear who helps drunks home … why don’t you just not bother, most of ‘em make it home anyways. Let the police do there jobs and get out the way,” spits one critic.

In the programme, Will, a father-of-two, describes how he broke the news of his alter ego to his wife, Julie, telling her: “I’m off out tonight, love, to patrol the streets of Torquay and check out some crime.”

She took it in her stride: “I wasn’t that surprised. I’ve heard worse from him, to be honest.”

On Facebook, Dark Spartan explains why he took on his superhero persona: “Every one of us at some point in our lives experiences injustice,” he says. “Some of us seem to attract injustice.”

He continues: “Money – what people are willing to do for it – makes me sick”.

The Dark Spartan said his personal tragedies, including losing his father at a young age, had made him realise the world is “actually full of bad guys and, no matter who you are or at what point you are in your life, they’ll get you”.

Christian Watt, the director of the programme, said it took him a while to track down the Dark Spartan and the others. “Like all true superheroes, they were reluctant to reveal themselves,” he said.

“Some might say it seems quite absurd to watch them at times, but when you hear their background story, you could say they are quite brave.”

Watch now on 4oD

Saturday 13 August 2011

Marvel/Disney Tells Kirby Family To Go **** Themselves

….At least that is how I read it. Disney, who would probably claim vital organs from creators to sell on the black market if they could, have undone all the good work and changes previous Marvel folk have done to see the late Jack Kirby gets a fair deal -albeit for his family.

Disney-Marvel will screw every red cent it can out of things and will not part with any money…not even one of those red cents.

And Judge Colleen McMahon agrees that is okay. I know US judges tend to have bad reputations but I just hope the Kirby family appeal against this.

I am seriously trying to stop myself hurling obscenities here.

Truly, truly horrendous. I hope Disney and Marvel both go bankrupt. Scum.

NEW YORK – Walt Disney Co.’s Marvel Entertainment owns the rights to the Incredible Hulk and X-Men comic book characters, a federal judge said, ruling against the heirs of Jack Kirby, one of the superheroes’ cocreators.

The children of the late cartoonist do not have the right to terminate the publisher’s copyrights, US District Judge Colleen McMahon ruled yesterday. Marvel said it owned the rights because it employed Kirby.
“This case is not about whether Jack Kirby or Stan Lee is the real ‘creator’ of Marvel characters,’’ McMahon said. “It is about whether Kirby’s work qualifies as work-for-hire under the Copyright Act of 1909.’’

The 2008 Marvel-produced film “The Incredible Hulk’’ grossed $263.4 million, according to Disney bought Marvel last year for $4.2 billion.

In 2009, Kirby’s adult children sent 45 notices to Marvel to terminate license renewals for the characters in comics published from 1958 to 1963. Marvel sued in January 2010.

A lawyer for the Kirbys did not immediately respond to messages seeking comment.

Kirby, who died in 1994, also created or cocreated the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. His heirs said their father was a freelance artist paid by the page who received no benefits from Marvel. Stan Lee, who worked for Marvel as an editor, is credited as coauthor of the Hulk.

Marvel said Kirby granted it rights to the characters in 1972.

Wade Retro -Photo Ace For The Ashton Vale Chronic

Bloody hell! I missed the giant robot at the Bristol Harbour festival but Wade Retro took photos of it, plus the balloons going up at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta today, those multi coloured Gorillas around the city and MORE!!
Check out Wade’s Flikr pages:

Paul Grist Brings New Superhero to Image Comics in Mudman

Berkeley, CA — 11 August 2011 — After self-publishing for much of the ’90s, Paul Grist brought two critically acclaimed original titles to Image Comics in 2002: the crime drama KANE and then the eclectic superhero series JACK STAFF. Recently, Grist has been using his sparse, signature style to develop a new superhero that will be introduced to the world this November with the debut of MUDMAN.

“This is my ‘Back to Basics’ superhero comic,” explained Grist. “It’s not about alien menaces or cosmic powers (though they may pop up once in a while); it’s all about growing up and finding your way in the world, and how the decisions that you make can affect others. In a way, it’s probably the most autobiographical comic I’ve ever done. But with added mud.”

“Paul has been one of my favorite creators since writer Robert Loren Fleming turned me onto KANE back in the ’90s,” said Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. “His style looks deceptively simple, but he’s a master of his craft, capable of some of the cleverest storytelling in comics. It’s a big thrill for me that Paul’s part of Image, and I can’t wait to see what he does with MUDMAN. ”

In MUDMAN #1, the new school year is just beginning, and it isn’t starting off well for teenager Owen Craig. His day just keeps going from bad to worse: He gets run over, he gets detention, and then he learns his father has actually been taken hostage by armed bank robbers. But that’s only the beginning of his problems. Now his body appears to be turning into mud!


Comica’s Comics & Conflicts Conference is to be held on 19-20 August, 2011 at the Imperial War Museum in London, and is aimed at comics scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts. Invited conference speakers and guests will include: Pat Mills (Charley’s War) & Garth Ennis (Battler Britton, War Story) amongst others. The conference explores the ways in which comics around the world represent and articulate the experience and impact of war and conflict.

Titan Books has committed to faithfully reproduce key works from British Battle comics, along with other lines such as the acclaimed Charley’s War series- now a best selling title among British graphic novels. This is an excellent time for articles on British Classic war comics.

The Best of Battle
Patt Mills, Cam Kennedy, Carlos Ezquerra & John Wagner
Created and drawn by some of the biggest names in British comics, icluding Pat Mills and John Wagner, episodes of Battle’s most famous and acclaimed stories are reprinted in this value-packed bumper volume.
Nearly 300 pages of relentless action are collected here, from the desperate dogfights of Johnny Red to the down-and-dirty Rat Pack, the reflective, critically acclaimed Charley’s War and the uncompromising Hellman of Hammer Force!

“This is an absolutely splendid collection and will be lapped up by anyone with an interest in military fiction of any sort.” – SciFi Crowsnest

9781848560253 • 25 September 2009 • 288pp • £9.99

Johnny Red – Falcon’s First Flight
Tom Tully & Joe Colquhoun

Johnny Red: The Falcon’s First Flight is the first volume in an eagerly anticipated series reprinting the classic story by Tom Tully (Roy of the Rovers) and Joe Colquhoun (Charley’s War).

When pilot Johnny Redburn is discharged from the RAF for striking an officer, he is forced to join the Merchant Navy. But a German sneak attack forces Redburn back into the air — in a stolen Hurricane! Redburn aims for Russia, planning to save his plane and career, but on landing, meets the “Falcon Squadron” of the 5th Soviet Air Brigade, who are under German attack! Redburn takes to the skies once more — to fight for Russia!

“This book feels like a historical document and yet reads like the best of any boy’s fiction in any genre. Buy this book and enjoy the authenticity amidst the thrills.” – Weekly Crisis

9781848560338 • 28 January 2011 • 128pp • £14.99

Darkies Mob – The Secret War of Joe Darkie
John Wagner & Mike Western

Set against the savage realities of the Burma Conflict, Darkie’s Mob was one of Battle Picture Weekly’s most action-packed and revolutionary stories.  Showcasing the shocking humour and stark characterisation of Darkie’s Mob, The Secret War of Joe Darkie introduces this unforgettable story of a renegade captain leading a rag-tag squad of British soldiers behind enemy lines, to a new generation of readers.

“Vicious, bloody and belligerent…a dark, at times comically black story of the ‘Forgotten Army’ that doesn’t pull punches” – Comic Heroes

9781848564428 • 1 April 2011 • 160pp • £16.99

Charley’s War (Vol. 8 )  Hitler’s Youth
Pat Mills & Joe Colquhoun

In this explosive new volume of never-before-collected comic strip, Charley comes face to face with a young corporal who will eventually change the face of the world as leader of the Nazi party: Adolf Hitler. The eighth action-packed volume of Charley’s War is rich in the detailed minutiae of the terror-punctuated existence of a Tommy.

“Darkly spectacular…poignant and intelligently anti-war” — LA Times
9780857682994 • 28 October 2011 • 112pp  • £14.99

The Best of Action
Pat Mills, Gerry Finley-Day, Ken Armstrong, Ramon Sola, Tom Tully, Jack Adrian, Mike Dorey & Barrie Mitchell
Considered a seminal publication during its short run during the 1970s, the original seven-penny nightmare Action changed British comics forever and paved the way for 2000AD. Long out of print and highly awaited, The Best of Action brings Hook Jaw, Look Out for Lefty!, Death Game 1999, Kids Rule O.K, Hellman of Hammer Force and Dredger to a new audience.
9781848560260 • September 2012 • 288pp  • £19.99

A division of Titan Publishing Group Ltd
Titan Publishing Group Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales with company number 1599367. VAT number 607 9631 24.
Registered office: 144 Southwark St, London, SE1

Michael Golden Tells the Story at Wizard Chicago– Class Slated for Saturday!

Chicago– With Wizard World Chicago right around the corner (Aug. 11th-14th!), it’s just been announced that artist/writer Michael Golden will be conducting his “The Art of Storytelling” class at the convention on Saturday. So mark your schedule now.

Michael Golden, co-creator of the X-men’s Rogue character, Spartan X and Bucky O’Hare  is known worldwide for his groundbreaking work on “The ‘Nam,” “Micronauts,”  “G.I. Joe Yearbook,” and  “Dr. Strange, ” among MUCH more, and is counted as one of the best cover designers and storytellers in the business.

Golden’s work can be seen on “Nightwing”, “Iron Man”, “Heroes for Hire”, “Exiles,” “Demon’s Regret,” “Spider-man,” “Hulk,” “Spawn 200″ as well as currently on “Spawn,” with Todd McFarlane.

It’s no wonder that Golden has been one of the most influential creators around for the last several decades:
“….unless you can actually draw yourself, it is very difficult to understand the exact mind-blowing impossibility of what he does,” said writer/artist Larry Hama, of Golden’s work.

“Michael blithely puts down on paper exactly what he sees in his head. It’s like he’s got a cosmic opaque projector that shoots a laser beam from his brain through the kundalini eye in his forehead straight down onto the drawing surface where all he has to do is trace it,” continues Hama. “The result is hard-edged and fully realized in every way. No fuzzy impressions here. No using the side of the pencil. No squiggly space-filling lines blocked in on automatic pilot. To paraphrase Neal Adams (who was referring to Golden), there is not a single millimeter of line on the page that is not directed by conscious thought.”

Recent books covering the colorful life and amazing art of Michael Golden include a Manga version of the “Bucky O’Hare” series, created with Hama, as well as the top selling art retrospective “Excess: The Art of Michael Golden,” written by Renee Witterstaetter, which sold out and is in a second printing, as well as his recent sketchbook “Heroes and Villains,” and the NEW sketchbook, “MORE Heroes and Villains.”   In addition, Woodcrest Productions/Eva Ink has also released a two part candid DVD on Michael and his career, entitled “Creator Chronicles: Michael Golden,” featuring an extensive interview and tutorial with the creator.

In fact, as a conceptual cover artist, Golden has penciled everything from Batman and Captain America to Vampirella!  And the list keeps growing.

Michael has served as an Editor at DC Comics as well as Senior Art Director at Marvel Comics, and has worked on scores of movie production projects, some currently in development. His art has been the focus of gallery shows in places as diverse as Gijon, Barcelona, New York, Antwerp and Brussels, while his class on storytelling has been conducted from Spain to Brussels to France to Canada to the United States… and most recently China.

Don’t miss this mini version of Golden’s longer course. Beneficial for writers, artists or anyone interested in the fine art of crating a tale.

Michael will also be at Wizard World Chicago all 4 days of the show in artist alley. Joining Michael at the show will be Mark Texeira, Steve Scott, Renee Witterstaetter, Patrick Stewart, Bruce Campbell, LeVar Burton, Bill Sienkiewicz, Arthur Suydam, Greg Horn, Ethan Van Sciver, and many more!!

For more information on Wizard World Chicago, go to:

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Tuesday 9 August 2011

Titan Books To Publish the Definitive Flash Gordon Library

Titan Books has announced the publication of The Complete Flash Gordon Library. Compiling every strip and every story, this series of restored full-color hardcover volumes will showcase the action and artistry that thrilled audiences for decades.

Everyone knows Flash Gordon–the most iconic science fiction swashbuckler ever to burst forth from the newspaper pages. His adventures wielded so much energy that they inspired everyone who followed, no matter what the medium. Filmmaker George Lucas famously revealed, “Growing up in California, I was enchanted by two things…race cars and Flash Gordon. The first love I put to use in American Graffiti, the second eventually turned into Star Wars.”

Flash Gordon first hit superstardom in 1934 with his comic strip adventures, which continued unabated for seven decades. His influence spread like wildfire into every medium–films, television, novels, comic books, radio plays, and more. Every generation has had its incarnation of the character, and yet another major motion picture is reported to be in the works.

The mission of The Complete Flash Gordon Library will be to collect every strip and every story, offering them in affordable, full-color hardcover volumes, carefully restored and revealing the action and the artistry that thrilled audiences for decades. Through the painstaking efforts of renowned comic strip historian Pete Maresca, readers will experience the heroics of Flash Gordon, the beauty of Dale Arden, the evil of Ming the Merciless, and the exotic setting of the distant planet Mongo. Each installment will be meticulously reworked so that the intricate artwork, the vivid colors, and the unparalleled action will explode off of the page.
Beginning with the renowned stories written and illustrations by Alex Raymond–the genius behind the hero–The Complete Flash Gordon Library will continue with the other brilliant illustrators who took the helm and ran with his creation: Austin Briggs, Mac Raboy, Dan Barry, and many more. Each page will be 11″ x 10″ — specifically designed to spotlight the action-packed artistry of the creators, and each volume will feature 176 or more pages of full-color action. Volume One, “On the Planet Mongo,” will feature a foreword by renowned illustrator Alex Ross, and future installments will offer other special features revealing the secrets behind the strip and its creators.

The Complete Flash Gordon Library joins Titan’s other long-running newspaper strip collections including the critically acclaimed  Simon and Kirby Library, and the Modesty Blaise and James Bond 007 series. Once the library is complete, readers will forever thrill to an epic adventure unparalleled in American popular culture.

Press Contacts

US: Katharine Carroll – / +1 914 788 1005

UK & Worldwide: Sophie Calder – / +44 (0)20 7803 1906

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The Complete Flash Gordon Library – On the Planet Mongo (Vol. 1)
23 March 2012
Hardback • 192pp • 9780857681546 • $39.95 / £29.99