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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Tuesday 31 October 2023

Dracula, Sovereign of the Damned (Full)

The History of Marvel's Scarecrows

Zombina and the Skeletones - Zombie Hop (2004 lost video)

GHOST!: 'A Journey into The Paranormal’ 1991: Narrated By Sir Christophe...

Haunted & Horrific Tales from the Cotswolds: Cotswold Explorer Halloween...

An Irish Ghost Story | The Black Nun of Bonamargy Friary

Alice Cooper "100 More Miles" Animation Video

Haunted London - Chilling Ghost Stories From The Old City.

Halloween Is Cancelled


Someone asked whether I was doing anything on CBO for Halloween this year. 


CBO was online in 1997 apparently. I just found some of the material from back then though I cannot remember what the service we we on. Initially the first version ran from 1997 -2005 which is when I jumped to Yahoo360. FreeServers, MySpace etc., and then Word Press where at its very height of 10-12000 views a day the blog was ...well, those in the know are aware what happened and I am not stirring up bad memories (it was all a third party's fault). 

Google Plus was fun as views reached 4 million then, as with Yahoo 360 and Yahoo groups, Google ("We are NEVER closing these down") closed them down.

I jumped to Blogger and despite problems here that were beyond my control we have reached 9 million views since 2011 (I gave up counting the views a year ago now).

But on each of these versions of CBO there was a constant; Halloween Posts. I used to take days to find video links and much more to cover "the three days of Halloween". LOTS of views. Lots of pinching items by other bloggers then, in 2021 I announced that there will be no more Halloween Specials on CBO. 

You see there were the views and pinching material but the one thing that never happened was anyone saying they had enjoyed all of the posts and work that went into them. Not a word. Same thing with all of the Mega Posts that took days to put together. Why put in all that time and effort if no one appreciates it and others steal from them?

So if anything Halloween-ish pops up it is pure coincidence. IU do not get paid for this you knbow.

Wednesday 25 October 2023

Dark Night Detectives: Everything Is Under Control


Black & White
50 Pages
Price: £6.00 (excl. VAT)
Ships in 3–5 business days

Its a world where if you stand up for what is right you'll be lucky if its just a beating you get.

A world where people are starving (if poor) and the rich live in luxury.

A world where you have to have birthing Rights.

Where sacrificing someone to the Devil is acceptable -as long as they pay the wages.

A world where if you DO NOT take that bribe you WILL be made an example of.

This shows off Dilworth's skill at writing dark and brooding stories with a hint of satire but just too true to modern life!  It also shows his skill as an artistic story teller and designer.  Some of Ben Dilworth's most provoking and dark work in ages.

The Dark Night Detectives 2: The Ministry of Safety







Its a world where if you stand up for what is right you'll be lucky if its just a beating you get. A world where people are starving (if poor) and the rich live in luxury. A world where you have to have birthing Rights. Where sacrificing someone to the Devil is acceptable -as long as they pay the wages. A world where if you DO NOT take that bribe you WILL be made an example of. 

This was the dystopian world set up by Ben Dilworth in Small Press publications in the 1980 and some strips in Black Tower books and led on to The Dark Night Detectives: Everything Is Under Control. 

Now Detective Inspector Black and Special Constable (Community Policing) Jones are back and it is still dar, bleak and depressingly familiar in a way.

 The ending will make you ask more than a few questions.

In Pursuit: Things Known and UNKNOWN






 Fact NOT fiction journal looking at trange creatures and stories from around the world 


A "Cold Case" Too Old? The Beast Of Faudiere –Mystery Killer 

The Strange Creature in Repton Woods 

Cry Werewolf ! and The Curious And Frightening Case Of The Hull Werewolf 

On The Scientific 'Need' To Kill A Sasquatch 

The Texas Bigfoot Research Conservancy group has blood on their hands?. 

On Gathering Hard Evidence 

The Strange Case Of The Gotherington Gargoyle 

Photographic Evidence That Dinosaurs Exist 

The Monster of the Forest of Mouliere

Tuesday 24 October 2023

Leslie Gore - You Don't Own Me (1963) 4K

It's All Here, Baby

From comic albums, graphic novels, illustrated horror/ghost and Sci Fi stories, UFOs, Cryptozoology, Bigfoot/Sasquatch, crime action, adventure and much more.

Black Tower Silver Age Volume 1 -Electroman featuring Electro Girl






1951 at the start of the UK Silver Age of comics appeared Electroman! 

Then he vanished to become a legend. 

After 70 years he is back -Dan Watkins a criminal wrongly accused of murder and given the electric chair by the State. 

But then...Dan did not die. He was a reformed person and what is more he had a double existence as newspaper boy Dan Watkins and righter of wrongs - Electroman! 

This collection contains: 

The Birth of Electroman 

The Treasure of El Chimborazo 

The Million Dollar Robbery 

3 Ring Circus 

Electroman and Tim meet Benjamin Franklyn 

The Great Train Robbery 

plus - Electro Girl Battles the Gremlins' Pot-War Plot

Monday 23 October 2023

OFFICIAL TRAILER | Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials | Doctor Who

Yokai, Yokai Everywhere And Not A Spook To See!


Black & White
Prints in 3-5 business days

Ben Dilworth  recounts his favourite stories of ghosts, demons and other Western Yokai -all accompanied by his own stylish illustrations!

This is fun and quirky at the same time.

A4 Black and white 32 Pages Price: £6.00 (excl. VAT)Prints in 3-5 business days The follow-up to Dilworth's Western Yokai is here!
Text accompanied by some superb illustrations by Ben Dilworth of supernatural beings interwoven in Japanese culture such as "Kappa" the Water Monster; "Azuki Arai"; "Kuchi Saki Onna" (the Big Mouth Woman) and others.

Into ghost stories or ghost comics then this will suit you to a terror!


Japanese Yokai ~Preview

Benjamin R. Dilworth Paperback,  A4 Black and white 32 Pages Price: £5.00 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days The follow-up to Dilworth's Western Yokai is here!

Text accompanied by some superb illustrations by Ben Dilworth of supernatural beings interwoven in Japanese culture such as "Kappa" the Water Monster; "Azuki Arai"; "Kuchi Saki Onna" (the Big Mouth Woman) and others
Into ghost stories or ghost comics then this will suit you to a terror!

The Green Skies Vol. I -III






It all began in 1987 and the Black Tower Universe has seen alien attacks, heroes kidnapped to be put into the middle of a war of the gods. 

Despite the deaths and losses the heroes -crime fighters, super powered and members of the magical union have come back but now unaware that alien races are escaping through the Sol system and that a mysterious space fleet is heading towards the inner planets, they find themselves trapped or distracted. 

The Many Eyed One is finally coming. 

The Multiversal Council has quarantined Earth and forbidden any to help. 

The evil has spread and there is treachery striking at the very core of Earth's defenders





Following on from events in Green Skies V. 3 Part I the Clone Zone Boyz are increasing in number while those who created them, the Vampirons, continue to plot and await the arrival of their 'God' -The Many Eyed One. 

The Druid finds that his physical and mental state are deteriorating and even the Rev. Merriwether cannot help him. 

Shockingly, the Clone Zone Boyz claims someone close to Merriwether and this leads him to team up with two 'unsavoury' characters. 

In space Krii and Tyn hrrn face a seemingly unstoppable enemy. 

On The Moon the Selenites and representatives of other worlds meet and decide that Johnny Apollo, the Z-Man, is the only one who can lead the counter invasion fleet. 

With the enemy striking Mars and then the Moon things look grim





The gathered Sol Defence fleet is prepared to make its final stand led by Johnny Apollo the Z Man. If it fails to halt the invaders then the doomsday weapon will be detonated and destroy the entire Sol System. 

Meanwhile, unaware of the threat in space, Jack Flash, the Avenger and others prepare for a final show down with the Many Eyed One; a final confrontation they know they do not have the power to win. 

Is this Humanity...the day?

Streamline and Moon Man #1


Dennis Holmes Wilberton & Friends



black and white


Streamline the Golden Age British speedster and Moon Man get the Black Tower treatment in this one off comic with a difference. These are new stories and art and not Golden/Silver Ages reprints

Comic Bits: THE British Golden Age of Comics magazine!



Text, comic strips and some rare photographs!

The return of THE British Golden Age of Comics magazine! 

Interviews with Mike Western, John Cooper and Jon Haward plus a look at Ally Sloper on film, Defining the Ages of British Comics, William McCail plus a lot of art and stripwork. 

At this price -cheap!

Comic Bits No. 2


Ed T Hooper-Scharf
80 pp

The second issue of the magazine celebrating creators, titles and characters of the British Platinum, Golden and Silver Ages of comics. 

In this issue William A. Ward finally gets some long deserved recognition for his contribution to comics John McCail gets "bigged up" something rotten!

 We look at comedian and actor Bob Monkhouse's comic creation career 

Steve Dowling -Father of the Garth newspaper strip speaks to Denis Gifford (the ONLY interview he ever gave) 

There is a look at Dennis M. Reader and his comics work that spawned some of the UKs first super heroes. 

also a look at William Fletcher Thomas, Ernest Wilkinson, Jos Walker, Mary Byfield and William H A Chasemore... oh, and LOTS of lovely art and stripwork!

Sunday 22 October 2023

Kult Creations: Shokwave 3

SHOKWAVE BOOK 3 is now on sale from this very blog! You'll find it in the bar to your right - just under Shokwave Books 1 and 2! It's £9 (including postage) for UK customers, £12 for European customers and £17 in the rest of the world.

As with the first two books of Shokwave you'll find it's American comic sized, 48 interior pages, both black and white and colour. It contains a quartet of ten page strips plus lots of support material. 

Want it in digital to save on postage? See our digital comic blog at:

Brand new THE CLOCK STRIKES! (the return of Golden-Age hero the Clock!) Written by John A. Short and illustrated by LONGPIG's own Adam Jakes. This issue the masked hero tangles with femme fatal Trixy Malone and uncovers a plot to corner the drug market in 1936's New York. 

The sequel to the 1922 horror movie classic continues with NOSFERATU II. Written by John A. Short and illustrated by HEDREK's David Hitchcock. This issue we meet the cult of Orlok and learn of a plot to make the count live again. 

Crazy alien sci-fi chaos in ANNA KEY. Written by John A. Short and illustrated by SWITCHBLADE STORIES' supremo Chris Askham. The newly appointed (and totally unqualified) Sheriff finds herself trying to talk a leaper down from a high ledge. How is this all her fault?! 

And our near-future robot rebellion story RESISTORS. Written by John A. Short and illustrated by Eros Comix's Richard Pester. Robot rebel Jez finds herself on an island where they hunt droids for sport. 

My first reaction was "Shokwave 3? What happened to number 2??" Actually I did review number two so if you want to see what I had to say about these first two issues (of course you do) the links are below.

For me the first strip of the comic, Resistors, is what made me stop what I was doing (NO! I was drawing so don't be so dirty minded).The layout and design was eye-catching as was the colour work and Pester is getting better at this all the time. The story had action and was fun. A good move having this as the lead strip.

 Now The Clock I am still 50-50 on. It seems almost static with characters head talking and what is really distracting is that photos are used for characters and and I end up playing "name the Hollywood actor" which takes the mind off the story. Of course if you are not as ancient as me then you'll spot no one!  I can see what Short is doing with the Clock but the character was always pro-active vigilante at a time when the Mid-West/Chicago gangster boom was seen as out of control and some police corrupt.  Dillinger being gunned down outside a cinema basically shows how bad things had gotten (look it up -ande, NO, I was not there!).

Nice black and white art.


Then we have Anna Key which has nice colour work and is quite readable, however -talking bloody heads again. Some 22 panels are head/shoulders talking (see the page below -4 panels of talking heads) and this really makes it look boring. Honestly, it is just not how a comic strip should be and it needs more full figure work or figures in scenes -William Ward in the 1940s/1950s produced a ton of strips for Gerald Swan and most were panels with talking heads. Its easier to keep drawing heads and put dialogue in and I've been tempted to do that myself but I realise just how boring that is. This is probably the weakest conbtribution to the comic but if Askham can just stop the heads I reckon this could be far more readable.
You could say that Nosferatu II has talking heads but look at the composition of the scenes and the page below shows how a lone figure walking along can actually make you read the word balloons to see what is going on. The atmospheric shading and washes work well and this really shows how a comic strip should be drawn so why do so many younger artists use just talking heads/shoulders?

Nosferatu II balances the book out. We start with Pester's full colour strip and end with Hitchcocks excellent stylistic work. The Clock is okay but as I wrote it suffers almost the same as Anna Keys with the heads/shoulders.

Now as anyone who has read this blog will know I am a fan of the Kult Creations titles -Reverend Cross, Jungle Princess, etc., so if I seem a bit harsh here it is because I know that Short always puts a lot of effort and pride intro these books. At times, though, an editor-publisher needs to crack the whip albeit nicely over a cup of tea and a slice of Battenburg and that whip cracking does help the artists involved to think more about their panel design and layout and how much better a story is carried if a full figure is used instead of a couple talking heads.

Yes, I am being a pain about talking heads!  I would still recommend this title because it is a fun read and Pester and Hitchcock balance and save it.  If you want to check out previous Shokwave reviews (all still available and recommended) here are the links.

Shokwave 1

Shokwave 2 

Saturday 21 October 2023

McFarlane Toys Booth Walkthrough with Todd McFarlane at Toy Fair 2023

Mcfarlane Batman 66 , Batgirl review

Mcfarlane Batman 66 retro Superman review

BANANARAMA - FEEL THE LOVE (Official Visualiser)

Hexagon Comics: The Guardian of the Republic: The Birth of a Legend



7x10 squarebound comic, 
56 pages 

Story:: Thierry Mornet; 

Art: Nathaniel Legendre + Benjamin Blasco-Martinez; 

Colors: Bryan Wetstein.

cover: Mike Mignola

English adaptation: Jean-Marc & Randy Lofficier

For countless generations, the Guardian of the Republic has been the ultimate rampart against evil, always defending the weak and the oppressed, always fighting when France and its people are threatened, and forever holding true to the eternal values of the French Republic: liberty, equality, fraternity and solidarity.

Throughout the centuries, many brave heroes have worn that proud uniform. Now discover the history of the first Guardian, forged in the fire and fury of the American Revolution, and that of his successor, struggling during the bloody Reign of Terror and the epic years of Napoleon’s reign.

Thierry Mornet, and artists Nathaniel Legendre and Benjamin Blasco-Martinez have teamed up to bring you the birth of a legend.

Marvel Comics has Captain America. It also had Captain Britain representing the UK until they turned that into a bloody train wreck. Hexagon has the Guardian of the Republic.

In this book we see his origins and how the Guardian was there at the inception of the creation of the United States after rescuing George Washington  from the British. We also get to see the Guardian during the madness of the French Revolution and his encounter with the villainess Red Lily! The art is a bit cartoony but the art style works and is full of life. colour and adventure. So Legendre did a good job.

Now any regular reader of reviews here will now that as an historian I was impressed by Cinebook Lts and their Napoleonic era comic albums. So imagine my surprise when I turn to Blasco-Martinez's contribution to this book. Set during the Napoleonic War and lovely in all of its detail.

This book has been a long time coming but at last we know the origins of The Guardian of the Republic and all behind a Mike Mignola cover!

Friday 20 October 2023

Ane Brun - Hand in The Fire - Body Ocean Remix (Official Video)

Hexagon Comics: Kabur #5: Arianrod



by Jean-Marc Lofficier; art by Manuel Martin Peniche, Juan Roncagliolo; cover by Philippe Xavier.

7x10 squarebound comic,

 76 pages 

ISBN-13: 978-1-64932-226-5. 



Portfolio: by Caza, Ladrönn, Mike Ratera.

As this “season” of Kabur opens, the beautiful Lagrid is kidnapped by monstrous beasts sent by Selinor Psah, the Sorcerer-Sultan of the far-off city of Arkhanal, located at the other end of the Earth, on the southern tip of the Gondaxan continent.

Kabur embarks on the long journey that will require him to cross mountains and jungles, deserts and seas, to rescue his beloved. But as soon as he has begun, he already faces new, terrifying dangers, such as the renegade Fomor Ghool, maker of men, and the beautiful Arianrod, mistress of the sword of fire and ice…

This classic, epic, heroic fantasy saga continues under the pens of writer Jean-Marc Lofficier and artist Manuel Martin Peniche and Juan Roncagliolo Berger.

The book starts off with a story illustrated by Berger and it is a nice clean style that works well and I have to admit that, generally, the only barbarian comics I ever read were the 1970s Conan and King Kull (all stolen from my collection at some point) and other than that there was Atlas (Seaboard) and Wulf the Barbarian. So it has been interesting reading these Kabur books where the character is "new" -at least to me.

Following Berger's art comes Peniche and his style of solid black and white and clean line art. Philippe Xavier's cover had led me to think that this would be over the top muscle man action which it really isnt and I know that the cover art is the sort barbarian comics fans go for -it also used to sell lots of videos and DVDs! There is also a 4 page artists portfolio.

Everything you could possibly want is here with the beautiful barbarian women. scheming sorcerers, lots of sword play and fight (well, d'uh!) and this fills out the story of Kabur (see how the character was resurrected in the future in Kabur: The Red Star  -reviewed here:

My expectation is that this series should be successful if enough of the barbarian fans know about it.  The stories and art are what you expect from a quality publisher and the overall production from paper quality to binding is also top notch -it may be something you expect in this day and age but often rarely get.