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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Saturday 30 April 2016

Brodka - Horses (Official Video)

Claudia Kane - Einstein (Official Video)

Sarah Connor - Kommst Du mit ihr

"Captain America: Civil War" Cast In London (No Scarlett Johansson?)

According to one person on the Marvel page:  

"I hate that it's coming out over there (UK)  this weekend . Internet will be full of spoilers and will ruin it for us here in America... Honestly though how does a movie called captain AMERICA not release in America first ?" 

Well, tough tits. You see, people in the US fill the internet with spoilers and much more that ruin it for people not in the US for previous film premiers.   "Waaaaah!" all you want. Don't go on the internet until its released in the US then or ignore any postings about the film. Spoil brats.

According to Marvel

See the Cast & Crew of Marvel's 'Captain America: Civil War' Travel the Globe
Iron Man gives the 'Iron Lady' a makeover to celebrate 'Captain America: Civil War,' out May 6!

UPDATE 4/26: Both teams have landed in England for the London London premiere of Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War"! The cast kept it civil though as they celebrated the event, and you can see all the photos from the action directly above, with more galleries from past events below!

There are more photos over at the Marvel site.

Business Entrepreneurs and Comic Books

So I'm Shopping in Sainsbury's....I know.  Posh, heh?

Anyway,I'm looking around at the prices and barely listening to whatever radio they had playing over the speakers.

Some man was droning on about "British entrepreneurial spirit" -or, rather, the lack of it today. "Take entertainment" he says and I start losing interest. "Look at all the movies that are making huge amounts of money -based on comic strips" Me: "WHAT??" The man continued: "You are not going to rake in the money that the big US companies like Disney do but it shows there is a market -for however long it lasts. But the last time the UK had comics published in the UK as part of an industry was forty years ago"

I thought "Not 40 years you.....oh.It is 40 years!"

Cue woman with kids and loud mouthed hubby who seemed to think "Do we have tomato ketchup or not?" was the major topic of the week. Man on radio: "Why? Because there is no one around now who knows how to publish comics"

Ahem.  I'm still here.

Radio cuts out and music comes on.  Silence.  More radio but a local station.  Silence....

So I asked the manager (who was busy doing nothing) what the radio station was? "What radio station?" I say "The radio station you just had playing over your speakers...."  Him: "Didn't hear it".

I'm there thinking I must have imagined it when his colleague chips in: "They're testing the system today so its random radio and sound checks"  Manager grunts.  They move on.

Local? Regional? National? No idea. If anyone heard it let me know so I can see if its online. But seriously, whoever it was...well,it was like he was reading a CBO posting! Accurate but I am still here -I know how to put comics together and I'm not going anywhere!

Friday 29 April 2016

Cinebook the 9th art: Newsletter 100- April 2016

Dear Reader,
Welcome to our 100th newsletter! One hundred! That's a nice, round number, isn't it?
We open this month's selection with Virus, volume 10 of our Spirou & Fantasio series. This Tome and Janry story is a fantastic romp through the world of bacteriological research - and also Antarctica! Make sure you've got all your shots, and bring your winter jackets.
Warm clothing optional when going after The Daltons' Stash. The four calamitous bandits are in Arizona, breaking out of prison, breaking into prison... Some crazy story about a pile of money buried under a rock, and a judge that's far too nice. Lucky Luke is going to have his work cut out for him sorting it all out!
Then there's Alone, and it's the end of a cycle for the Campton kids. As they deal with the consequences of what happened in the previous volume, they venture into the red zone, the forbidden area marked by the red cairns. They'll find some answers, and also more questions, as one secret is finally revealed. Do not miss this episode!
April with Cinebook - here's to a hundred more!

Alone 5
Gazzotti & Vehlmann
Eye of the Maelstrom
It's a sad day for the Campton kids: they've just discovered Dodzi's lifeless body at the foot of a building, shot once in the chest. Convinced that whoever killed him must have come from the red zone - the no man's land marked out by the monkeys' cairns - Leila and Ivan decide to send an expedition there... Read more

Lucky Luke 58
The Daltons' Stash
Transferred to a new penitentiary, the Daltons are put in a cell with Fennimore Buttercup, a counterfeiter who soon begins to regret having such noisy cellmates. To get rid of the annoying brothers, he sends them on the trail of his - made-up - stash... Read more

Spirou & Fantasio 10
Janry & Tome
Fantasio, chasing a scoop, slips through a cordon sanitaire surrounding a cargo ship fresh from Antarctica. He's hoping to investigate some disturbing rumours about the base where the ship comes from. But a seriously ill man has escaped the quarantine and begs for assistance... Read more

The Last Templar 1
The Encoder
Lucky Luke 59
Bride of Lucky Luke
Valerian 12
The Wrath of Hypsis

North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, us this handy Read more  

Or, if you're a retailer yourself, please go to: Read more
Namibia 4
Episode 4
The Last Templar 1
The Encoder
The Last Templar 2
The Knight in the Crypt
The Marquis of Anaon 5
The Chamber of Cheops

Netflix Orders 'Marvel's The Punisher' to Series Jon Bernthal reprises his role as Frank Castle!

It's official from Marvel Comics itself.

Read on.

Netflix Orders 'Marvel's The Punisher' to Series
Netflix has ordered a full first season of “Marvel’s The Punisher,” continuing their unprecedented collaboration with Marvel Television.

Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as Frank Castle, introduced to fans earlier this year in the second season of the Netflix original series “Marvel’s Daredevil,” with Steve Lightfoot (“Hannibal”) serving as Executive Producer and Showrunner in addition to writing the series’ first two episodes.

“We want to thank the fans who are clamoring for more of Jon’s stunning and powerful performance as Frank Castle from ‘Marvel’s Daredevil,'” said Executive Producer/Head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb, “Now combined with Showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s compelling writing, we’re thrilled to bring 'Marvel’s The Punisher' to Netflix.”

“Jon hooked our global audience with his performance as Frank Castle from the moment he stepped on screen in 'Marvel’s Daredevil,' and we are looking forward to seeing more of him in this role under the vision of Steve Lightfoot,” said Cindy Holland, Netflix Vice President of Original Content.

“For me, the complexity and unpredictability of Frank Castle make him an incredibly compelling character and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into his world,” said Executive Producer and Showrunner, Steve Lightfoot. “After watching Jon’s performance in ‘Marvel’s Daredevil’ I could not be more excited to be working with him to further develop and progress the story of this anti-hero in a show of his own.”

“Marvel’s The Punisher” marks the sixth series ordered thus far as part of the groundbreaking collaboration between Marvel Television and Netflix including the upcoming “Marvel’s Luke Cage,” “Marvel’s Iron Fist,” “Marvel’s The Defenders” and the Peabody Award-winning “Marvel’s Jessica Jones.”

“Marvel’s The Punisher” is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios for Netflix.
For more information on "Marvel's The Punisher," and the other exciting new Marvel Television series coming to Netflix, stay tuned to

Chung Ling Soo -"Childrens Crusade"

The "OS" Question!

Sorry, I didn't mean to cause confusion with my post mentioning OS (Operating Systems). So this ought to explain it!

Pageviews by Browsers

2196 (41%)
1691 (31%)
532 (9%)
289 (5%)
Internet Explorer
280 (5%)
137 (2%)
118 (2%)
33 (<1%)
33 (<1%)
33 (<1%)
Image displaying most popular browsers

Pageviews by Operating Systems

3562 (68%)
569 (10%)
333 (6%)
294 (5%)
241 (4%)
112 (2%)
50 (<1%)
16 (<1%)
iPod touch
2 (<1%)
Android 5.1.1
1 (<1%)

Tomb Raider Reboot

According to The Hollywood Reporter the new star of the reboot (total lack of imagination Hollywood) has been found:

Borys Kit

Alicia Vikander to Star as Lara Croft in 'Tomb Raider'

The reboot has Roar Uthaug ('The Wave') on board to direct.
 Getty Images

Lara Croft has been found.

Alicia Vikander has signed on to star in Tomb Raider for MGM, Warner Bros. and GK Films, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The movie project, which has Roar Uthaug (The Wave) on board to direct, will tell the story of a young and untested Croft fighting to survive her first adventure.

MGM and Warner Bros. are co-producing the film, with MGM overseeing production. They acquired the rights from GK Films, who had previously purchased the film rights in 2011 from Square Enix Ltd.
Graham King is serving as producer.

Angelina Jolie famously starred in the two previous Tomb Raider movies, 2001's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and 2003's Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, which established her as a bankable, franchise-carrying international star.

Vikander, who won an Oscar for her turn in The Danish Girl, is hoping for a similar path, and the Tomb Raider movie gives the actress her own franchise after proving her salt in acclaimed dramas.

Last year was a turning point for Vikander, who won an Oscar for her performance in The Danish Girl while also starring in Ex Machina, Burnt and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. This year she will be seen in the drama The Light Between Oceans as well as the Matt Damon action pic Jason Bourne.


Thursday 28 April 2016

Cultural Diary: Pat Moriarity and BEZANGO, WA 250915

Pat Moriarity talks about BEZANGO on Serbian TV

Marvel Comics Cover -ala France!

I was asked why I did the post with all the German Marvel Comics but not French ones? Well, I do not have as many French comics as I do German (plenty of BD but not comics).

Some French comics history was discussed in the Jean Marc Lofficer interview:

So I've had to resort to the internet for French Marvel Comics.  Fellow blogger Subzero will be delighted to see that French colouring of Marvel characters on covers do you be polite about this? Just plain crazy!

Here then is some blog eye-candy for comickers.  Enjoy!