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Friday, 30 November 2018

Cinebook Newsletter 131 - November 2018

Dear Reader,
Have you ever had one of those moments of clarity, those points in time that define who you are going to be? Because that is very much the theme of our titles this month…
Starting with a new adventure of Lady S., where Shania/Susan is forced by the supposed ‘good guys' to work against the bad guys, only with the help of a supposed bad guy who gets one second, one tiny second, to decide whether maybe he'll be good after all… There's adventure, and love, and betrayals – classic Van Hamme!
IAN is back next, our artificial hero now well integrated with his team who no longer see him as an outsider. But the android is still trying to define who he is, and the chaotic world around him isn't helping. Especially with unseen forces pulling everyone's strings – including Ian's …
Kriss of Valnor has been a thorn in Thorgal's side for a long time. Amoral, cynical, violent, greedy … She's tried to kill him, or have him killed, several times. She's enslaved his family, tortured them, pretended to be his wife … Poor Aaricia has every reason to hate her … yet they're forced to team up again to rescue the man they both love. Can it be a turning point for Kriss?
Finally, Yakari returns with a tale of melancholy, hard work, friendship and gigantic monsters! Take a dive into the life and fears of the beavers and explore a poorly known treasure of Native American history with our young Sioux friend!
November with Cinebook – what will YOU read?

IAN 2 
Meyer & Vehlmann
Lessons of Darkness
While the members of team 21 are enjoying a night off together in Los Angeles, a terrorist group manipulated by a nihilist billionaire triggers a bloody riot downtown. Ian and the other SRS agents are ordered to secure a highly exclusive mall and its wealthy customers ... Read more

Lady S. 
Aymond & Van Hamme
A Second of Eternity
By publicly attacking his former Russian captor after his daughter had arranged for him to be declared dead, Shania's father gets her in deep trouble. Soon, she and Anton are blackmailed into work for French Intelligence. Their mission: impersonate a woman...Read more

Thorgal 20 
Rosinski & Van Hamme
Kriss of Valnor
Aaricia and her children, sold as slaves to an Imperial prince, refuse to believe that Thorgal is dead, and keep trying to escape, eventually wearing off their new owner's patience. Condemned to a year of hard labour in the silver mines, they meet someone unexpected there: Kriss of Valnor... Read more

Yakari 16 
Derib & Job
The Lake Monster
The Beavers are very worried: Linden Tree, Yakari's yound and mischievous friend, has lost his appetite for … well, everything. And his people have no time to devote to him, as they must repair their precious dam, damaged by heavy rains... Read more
Bear's Tooth 3
Lucky Luke
The Complete Collection 1
Trent 4
The Valley of Fear

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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Aren't I the lazy ''''''''

Someone sent me a snapshot of some comments on two comic discussion sites.  Apparently I have not been posting as much as I used to.

Pity those people did not comment here on CBO or better still, if they really "ate up all the content" -support by a donation or buying a book.

I do not get paid or supported for this so, as I have said before, content happens when I get something. You get it for free so be quiet.

Reviews should be popping up over the weekend

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Cosa vedere e fare a BilBOlbul 2018 - cap. 2

BBB18 In corso d'opera
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Jack Kirby. Mostri, uomini, dei
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Le mostre
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Gli incontri
BilBOlbul in Cineteca
BBB bambini