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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Monday 31 August 2020

Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko -all dirty credit stealing back-stabbers. Apparently.

Stan Lee hogged all the credit from Ditko and Kirby. Stabbed them both in the back. So the people with no real idea keep saying and, of course, Alan Moore added a great deal of inaccuracy and lies to his attacks on Lee. I think Moore assumed that if he attacked Lee he'd get a lot of people paying attention.

Have you seen how many comic companies were around in 1960?  Great characters and great stories. They mostly never made it past 1965/67. Why did Marvel become so popular and even overtake DC at a time when mostthought comics were on the way out?

Stan Lee.Despite all you read and hear Lee was, apparently, a nice easy going man who dry-vomited when he was told to sack staff. It was him saying "We have to let you go" as a friend or the boss's (remember he was paid staff, too) impersonal "beat it!" Luckily for Marvel, Lee realised that to make the company (he was with Timely before WW 2 -sorry, Moore, he would not have been "12 or 13 years old" as you claimed-) a success needed a brash, publicity hound who would push Marvel Comics (AND creators).  He came up with one publicity stunt after another and Marvel was a success.

When he fired those artists he sincerely believed that they would be walking into more work "they were legends!"

Lee did not steal any Kirby art. He did not rob Kirby of money. Kirby was "work for hire" and he KNEW how comics worked. Later in life, at a convention, he told Lee that he did not blame him. Lee had no idea what he meant.

Lee taking credit for everything. Lee had a bad memory for names. Thus he used character names he could remember easily. Lee said himself in interviews that his memory was bad. "People keep saying I did this or created that so I just say 'If you say so!'" In an interview with Roy Thomas for Alter Ego magazine it became Roy Thomas interviewing Roy Thomas as Lee could not remember certain things "Well, if you say so!". Thomas noted how Lee returned to check over things at Marvel one day and and saw Iron Man work. He thought it was ridiculous that t6he helmet did not have a nose featurte. It was changed. Theyear after he asked whose idea the nose was "it looks awful!"

Certain factions have twisted and lied because they belonged to certain cliques -they werte "Kirby acolytes" or "Ditko devotees" Never ever look at the positives but always go for anything that can be used against someone.

Ditko very likely ripped off the Spider-Man costume from one Kirby designed for a NY store. Ditko is always portrayed as the betrayed, poor artist. He had -up until his death- an office in an expensive part of New York so he was NOT cash-strapped. Private family wealth? There are persistent rumours that Dotko took money for the Spider-Man movies but either way he was not poor and certainly no down-trodden poor creator.

Kirby was a jobbing creator and, apparenytly, lived well. Not super rich but not surviving on peanut butter sandwiches either. He is nearly always portrayed as the sad, near tears man who was cheated by Lee. Lee, in fact, had nothing to do with the decision to fire Kirby.

Imagine my surprise when I read several blogs declaring Kirby was a self grandising back-stabber wjho never credited old partners such as Joe Simon (though I have seen a few Kirby interviews in which he refers to Simon). "Kirby's Fourth World made no sense"/"He made it up as he went along" and "It only really worked after modern creators took it over".


Then videos on You Tube more-or-less saying the same thing and Kirby is seen as "erratic" at best in his work.

Now none of these 'critics' have written or drawn comics. They have no idea of the creative process or how creators had to produce work to earn a living. Their heads are firmly lodged up their arses.

Ditko created his own problems and if you don't know what I mean -read a book. Ditko was offered work but he was 'cheated': let's make it clear that Lee and Ditko (by every fact and definition) were CO-creators of Spider-Man (avoiding the stolen costume factort). Lee stated this fact many times and even put it in writing for Ditko. But Ditko wanted full credit. unfairly, and knew that if given that credit, the man who had given him so many breaks (Lee), would be put in a very bad position  and that would also create big problems for Lee with his bosses.

There are stories from numerous people and creators of Lee and Kirby actively working together in Lee's office. Kirby's little group of supporters ignore that.

But, suddenly, we now see Kirby become one of the bad guys alongside Lee. Ditko has had his critics over the years, too. People like to create these dramas. Twist facts. Tell lies. Because, sadly, the fact that all three men created some of Marvel Comics greatest and most loved characters is secondary. they MUST have their little dramas.

The thing is that modern readers will believe anything they see online. Many are too young to even remember the 1970s let alone 1960s but why bother with facts.

ENJOY the comics and ignore the fake drama. 

CBO may be next.

Although it gets the views there is no feedback or comments on the Bklack Tower Face Book page and I can no longer waste time updating a page where I might aswell be talking to myself.

So, any news relating to Black Tower will be on the Black Tower blog. The FB page remains as an archive.

CBO may be next. Getting too old to waste my time any more.

The End of an Era

Posted on the Black Tower Face Book page and blog.

There are soon to be 140 books spread over 14 pages on the online storefront, Looking at these and the continuing lack of sales led me to make a decision.

I am not getting younger. I have just spent more than a decade publicising and pushing the more professionally produced books. Let's face it I am not going to make a living out of sales. People are obviously no longer interested in original comics. That is a fact of life and people go fortthe fake 'investment' comics.

I know that when I eventually to to my end (that sounds rather dirty doesn't it) my original artwork and comic collection is going to be burnt. My family has no interest and getting rid of my stuff will clear up a lot of space.There will be no original art to try to grab and make money from. If I cannot profit from my work in my life time why should someone profirt after I'm dead?

Legally, on notification of my death the online store is deleted. All the books will be gone (but I'm not going to worry about that). No "rare out of print books" to profiteer from. I am an historian as well as a comic book historian so I know what happens.

After Green Skies there is an horror anthology I want to do as well as finish the Cross-Over series. That's it. Anything I do after that is for fun and my own amusement. If 140 books do not sell why keep making more?

I'm a practicalist. And I've reached the age when I know I am not going to get rich. Spo 2020/2021 will see the last new Black Tower books. Enough writ!

Sunday 30 August 2020

Julien Doré - Barracuda II (Clip officiel)

2005's Shanna the She Devil from Marvel Knights

2005 and Marvel Knights, Marvel's more violent imprint, brought us Shanna The She-Devil:

"She’s bold, she’s beautiful, and she’s your best hope of escaping the raptors nipping at your heels. She’s Shanna, the She Devil! That’s right, fanboys – the wait is finally over: Award-winning creator Frank Cho brings you Marvel’s bodacious jungle girl as you’ve never seen her before: Reborn from Nazi science gone mad to battle her genetic destiny on an island full of prehistoric horrors. Trust us, Shanna has never looked this good…or acted this bad."

I very much doubt that Marvel would produce anything like this in 2020. Cho produces some beautiful artwork and Dave Stewart as colourist is sheer perfection. Now, Tarzan is seen as the perfect physical specimen of manhood able to fight and live in the wilds of Africa. No problems, right? But do the same type of thing but make a character female...screams, rants and whatever else these oddies can think of.

The cover art had me thinking -as did the publishing yak-yak- that this was just going to be "good girl" art. It was actually a fairly good story (but American comics being American comics the Nazis had to be involved if just as background story, right?) and there was an absolutely brilliant twist in the story in #7 that I loved.

If it helps, there is "affection" on Shanna's part for "Doc" which is why the twist worked so well. But if it were not for Shanna everyone would have been dead by the end of issue #1.

Dinosaurs, raptors...the mass raptor herd scene -got a smile out of me. It's good old actionb, adventure and fun from start to finish. If you can get copies of the series do but do not pay the speculator prices. There are some inexpensive copies out there and well worth getting for the fun read!

Give supporting a little thought, please.

If you purchase a copy of the 80pp Black Tower Super Heroes it will cost £6.00 in the UK sales I get £1.25(Euro 1.40)  and from US sales £1.35(Euro 1,50). That is it. The rest goes to the Print On Demand (POD) company and the printer.

Oh, if I sell a copy to the US then I get to pay US taxes on that so....

Because of a problem caused by the POD in which it corrupted my Source File, I note that today, the £10.00 (Euro 11.00) I would have made from sales of the Ultimate D-Gruppe gone. Refunded because my POD are morons who seriously have no idea how to run a business ( if you need to know).

The single issues and Annual are still available. I will not be going through the process of creating a new file for the UltimateCollection since the POD have absolutely no idea why the file (that I have printed a good few copiesfrom) will not print. Well, they know it is THEIR fault but since I have been with them (2009) thay NEVER accept responsibility for their faults: it is always the publishers fault.

Oh, they DO admit it when you threaten action via the Better Business Bureau.

Anyway, I was looking at all the books on the online store and then checked stats for Twitter, Pinyterest, Face Book and the other "social media" I use and we are talking thousands per month. To me it makes no sense: why constantly check out Black Tower Comics and Books posts if you have no interest in even buying a copy of the cheapest book?

I am not even going to go into the many thousands of views from feeds and so on that I have no control over.

Should I increase my book prices because at one point I put the prices so low that I would have gotten "0" back had there been sales. I have tried special offers, free give-a-ways and anything else I could think of. No takers.

Yes, I did try all the "go fund me" type services out there. Not a single person interested.

I tried PayPalMe for donations on Comic Bits Online -one donation (from a friend so it was returned) and that was it in...7 years?

I even tried the odd video and they got good views. Nothing.

Which makes publishing pretty depressing but it seems to get backing you either have to be an attractive female flashing some skin (DON'T even arguie about that because you would look stupid as they exist in gaming, modelling (hobbies), small farming, detectorist and comic and action figues videos -go look) or be someone who babbles on for 20 minutes about nothing in particular, but adding the occasional "I'm on Patreon", before doing what he is supposed to be doing and constantly apologising for getting everything wrong!

Crazy world.

Anyway, I decided that I would babble on a little as I'm trying to see whether the very old -very old- PC is going to work long enough for some lettering I need to do.

Tomorrow I get to work on the final pages for Black Tower Super Heroes No. 8 (No. 7 should be out soon) so that I can publish The Green Skies -all three parts in one go as no good publishing part I and the computer going...and parts II and III never seeing daylight!

While I can I am taking questions and queries on the Black Tower Face Book page -it is open so no need to join and you can message me there privately.

So, give supporting a little thought, please.

Saturday 29 August 2020

MONO INC. - Right For The Devil feat. Tanzwut (Official Video)

Green Skies Now Completed

I was cleaning up the lettered pages and found that the rapidly failing PC had screwed up. I check every completed page 4-5 times before saving. All perfect. Today I find that only one quarter of a page now existed. Got the saved unlettered [page and re-lettered. A wide space npow appeared down the right hand side of another page taking text with it.  Dealt with.

Vol. 3 Part III has a total of 208pp so in total exceeds the360pp count for Return of the Gods -it would have been a hefty single volume!

But my eyes and hands are happy. Done with the covers and completing Black Tower Super Heroes No. 8.

I have said it before buta lot -lot- of people visit this blog, the Face Book CBO as well as Black Tower FB page. As an Independent publisher the one thing that counts is not hpow many people view a page but how many buy a book.

Money from sales are vital for things such as getting a new PC to continue publishing as well as buy food and pay bills. If you get a few minutes please visit the online store and you might be surprised at what you find.

thank You

Chadwick Boseman (November 29, 1976 – August 28, 2020)

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Chadwick Boseman, who played Black American icons Jackie Robinson and James Brown with searing intensity before inspiring audiences worldwide as the regal Black Panther in Marvel's blockbuster movie franchise, died Friday of cancer. He was 43.
Boseman died at his home in the Los Angeles area with his wife and family by his side, his publicist Nicki Fioravante told The Associated Press.
Boseman was diagnosed with colon cancer four years ago, his family said in a statement.
“A true fighter, Chadwick persevered through it all, and brought you many of the films you have come to love so much,” his family said. “From Marshall to Da 5 Bloods, August Wilson’s Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom and several more - all were filmed during and between countless surgeries and chemotherapy. It was the honor of his career to bring King T’Challa to life in Black Panther."
Boseman had not spoken publicly about his diagnosis. He is survived by his wife and a parent and had no children, Fioravante said.
Born in South Carolina, Boseman graduated from Howard University and had small roles in television before his first star turn in 2013. His striking portrayal of the stoic baseball star Robinson opposite Harrison Ford in 2013′s “42” drew attention in Hollywood and made him a star.
A year later, he wowed audiences as Brown in the biopic “Get On Up.”
Boseman died on a day that Major League Baseball was celebrating Jackie Robinson day. “His transcendent performance in ‘42’ will stand the test of time and serve as a powerful vehicle to tell Jackie’s story to audiences for generations to come,” the league wrote in a tweet.
Expressions of shock and despair poured in late Friday from fellow actors, athletes, musicians, Hollywood titans, fans and politicians. Viola Davis, who acted alongside Boseman in “Get On Up” and an upcoming August Wilson adaptation, tweeted: “ words to express my devastation of losing you. Your talent, your spirit, your heart, your authenticity.”
“This is a crushing blow” actor and director Jordan Peele said on Twitter.
Disney executive chairman Bob Iger called Boseman “an extraordinary talent, and one of the most gentle and giving souls I have ever met. He brought enormous strength, dignity and depth to his groundbreaking role of Black Panther.”
“Captain America” actor Chris Evans called Boseman “a true original. He was a deeply committed and constantly curious artist. He had so much amazing work still left to create.”
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden tweeted that Boseman “inspired generations and showed them they can be anything they want — even super heroes.”
His T’Challa character was first introduced to the blockbuster Marvel movies in 2016′s “Captain America: Civil War,” and his “Wakanda Forever” salute reverberated around the world after the release of “Black Panther” two years ago.
“I don’t think the world was ready for a ‘Black Panther’ movie before this moment. Socially and politically, it wasn’t ready for it," he told AP at the time.
The film’s vision of Afrofuturism and the technologically advanced civilization of Wakanda resonated with audiences, some of whom wore African attire to showings and helped propel “Black Panther” to more than $1.3 billion in global box office. It is the only Marvel Studios film to receive a best picture Oscar nomination.
Boseman said he more easily identified with the film's antagonist, played by Michael B. Jordan, who had been cut off from his ancestral roots: “I was born with some Killmonger in me, and I have learned to T’Challa throughout my studies,” he told AP while promoting the film.
“It's the place where you start. All African Americans, unless they have some direct connection, have been severed from that past. There’s things that cannot be tracked,” he continued. “You were a product, sold. So it’s very difficult as an African American to connect at some points directly to Africa. I have made that part of my search in my life. So those things were already there when I got into the role.”
The character was last seen standing silently dressed in a black suit at Tony Stark’s funeral in last year’s “Avengers: Endgame.” A “Black Panther” sequel had been announced, and was one of the studio's most anticipated upcoming films.
Even at the outset of his Hollywood career, Boseman was clear-eyed about — and even skeptical of — the industry in which he would become an international star.
“You don’t have the same exact experience as a Black actor as you do as a white actor. You don’t have the same opportunities. That’s evident and true,” he told AP while promoting “42.” “The best way to put it is: How often do you see a movie about a black hero who has a love story ... he has a spirituality. He has an intellect. It’s weird to say it, but it doesn’t happen that often.”
In addition to Robinson and Brown, Boseman portrayed the future U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall in 2017′s “Marshall." He humanized the larger-than-life historical figures with the same reserved dignity — interrupted by flashes of sparkling wit — that he would later bring to T'Challa.
He took on his first producing job in last year’s action thriller “21 Bridges,” in which he also starred, and was last seen on-screen in Spike Lee’s film “Da 5 Bloods” as the leader of a group of Black soldiers in the Vietnam War.
Boseman completed one last performance, in an adaptation of August Wilson’s “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” The Netflix film finished shooting last summer.
It took some time for Boseman’s moment to come. He first got into theater, acting and writing plays as an undergrad at Howard. He visited Africa for the first time during college with director and theater professor Mike Malone, working in Ghana to preserve and celebrate rituals with performances on a proscenium stage. He later called the trip “one of the most significant learning experiences of my life.”
Boseman had roles on TV shows like ABC Family’s “Lincoln Heights” and NBC’s “Persons Unknown,” but before “42” he had only acted in one film, 2008’s football drama “The Express."
Asked about his own childhood heroes and icons, Boseman cited Black political leaders and musicians: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr., Bob Marley, Public Enemy, A Tribe Called Quest and Prince. Deeply private and often guarded in his public appearances and interviews, he made clear that he understood the significance of his work and its impact on the broader culture.
At the 2019 Screen Actors Guild Award, “Black Panther” won best ensemble, electrifying the room. Before an auditorium full of actors, Chadwick Boseman stepped to the microphone. He quoted Nina Simone: "To be young, gifted and black,” and put the moment in context.
“We know what it’s like to be told there isn’t a screen for you to be featured on, a stage for you to be featured on. ... We know what’s like to be beneath and not above. And that is what we went to work with every day,” said Boseman. “We knew that we could create a world that exemplified a world we wanted to see. We knew that we had something to give.”

Thursday 27 August 2020

It's Definitely Not Knight Rider on a Motorcycle: The History of Street ...

Cinebook The 9th Art Newsletter 152 - August 2020

Dear Reader,
It seems that conflict and revolution are the theme of choice this month, though we swear we didn’t plan it that way!
Beginning with the second volume of The Regiment, and the continuing story of how the Special Air Service was created. It’s history, it’s epic, it’s a terrific adventure, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. What’s not to like?
Next, we have XIII, and there is definitely something rotten in Jason McLane’s America. Bad guys with delusions of racial superiority and immense hidden power and wealth, nefarious plans unfolding … Fortunately, our hero is there to stop them. Right? I mean, it’s not like he’d join them or anything … ?
Finally, we have a much more light-hearted take on armed uprisings with the latest adventure of The Marsupilami. Let’s face it – it’s not easy oppressing the people when your jackbooted thugs are getting laid out by an angry Marsu on a mission. It makes for a hilarious story, though!
August with Cinebook - ¡Viva la revolución!

The Marsupilami 5
Batem & Yann and Franquin
Baby Prinz
In Chiquito, capital of Palombia, the old Marsupilami in the municipal zoo feels his end coming, and would like to die free, in the legendary Marsupilami graveyard. Warned by an escaped parrot, our Marsu sets off towards the city, along with Bip and Sarah, the two jungle orphans, to free his elder… s ... Read more

The Regiment
Legrain & Brugeas
The True Story of the SAS – Book 2
After the disaster that was their first mission, the SAS refused to give up, and their second wave of raids proved a powerful validation of the concept behind their unit. Unfortunately, they still have many enemies at headquarters, and now they must capitalise on their success... Read more

Jigounov & Sente
2,331 Yards
Jason McLane, a.k.a. XIII, seems to have finally accepted his true destiny. Tired of fighting the powerful elite who control the world, he has apparently joined them. Of course, he supposedly did so on orders from General Wolf, so as to bring down the sinister Mayflower Foundation at last, but … what if the temptation of power proved too strong... Read more
The Battle
Book 1

North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, us this handy Read more 

Or, if you're a retailer yourself, please go to: Read more

So onward and upward!

The Green Skies is now completely lettered. Tomorrow I start cleaning up the last fewpages, make a source file then PDFand...

Get on with Black Tower Super Heroes No. 8.

But project finished leads to depression. Vicious cycle so on with the next project which depends upon whether or not this PC keeps working.  No, don't worry -I am not going to ask anyone to buy books to help kleep things going because that hasn't worked in the last ten years.

However, if I suddenly stop posting you'll know why.

So onward and upward!

Wednesday 26 August 2020


The Green Skies...and Image Comics

There are about 8 pages left toletter on The Green Skies. Having a PC that is falling apart, and no money to buy a new one, has pushed me into working 10 hour days to complete the project. The books (3 now instead of 4) will not bepublished until after I complete Black Tower Super Heroes No.8.

I am, in fact, two months ahead of the schedule I set myself.

Now, the rumour mill is working overtime. I am quite sure something like this happened a couple months and I posted about it on CBO.

I had someone message me and askl when the first issue of Green Skies from Image Comics would appear.

Answer: never.  I do not think that Image would have the slightest interest in the project -aren't they all colour comics?  If someone is feeding you this line let me guarantee you (because I would know) that the only company publishing Green Skies is Black Tower.

So I got asked to vote again...

....and, again, I will not.  None of these industry 'awards' reflect the talent out there in Independent comics or creators confined to the Small Press.

There are people out there working in Indie comics for almost aslong asI have -some longer. Until these awards become fair and unbiasedand voted on by the general comic reading public rather than a little clique, like all the other awards I get asked to vote in, I ain't.

2020 Ringo Awards Final Ballot Nominees Announced

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - August 26, 2020 - The 2020 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards Nominees have been announced with the release of the final ballot. While normally presented in conjunction with the Baltimore Comic-Con, the 2020 Ringo Awards will be presented virtually, via Facebook and YouTube video, on Saturday, October 24, 2020.
Voting on the 2020 Ringo Awards Final Ballot is now open, and is restricted to the comic book industry creative community -- anyone involved in and credited with creating comics professionally. Thank you to all pros who have already participated in our nomination process. Final ballots can be submitted directly or via our website, and voting will close on September 23, 2020. We now present the 2020 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards Final Ballot.
Fan and Pro Nomination Categories

* Best Cartoonist (Writer/Artist)
  • Sarah Andersen
  • Eleanor Davis
  • Jaime Hernandez
  • Kevin Huizenga
  • Junepurr
  • Stan Sakai
  • Raina Telgemeier
  • David Jesus Vignolli
* Best Writer
  • Drew Edwards
  • Jeff Lemire
  • Mark Russell
  • Erica Schultz
  • Mariko Tamaki
* Best Artist or Penciller
  • Chris Campana
  • Colleen Doran
  • Sanford Greene
  • Rosemarie Valero-O'Connell
  • Marianna Pescosta
* Best Inker
  • Keith Champagne
  • Marika Cresta
  • Sandra Hope
  • Maria Llovet
  • Dan Mora
  • Hyeondo Park
* Best Letterer
  • Deron Bennett
  • Jim Campbell
  • Clayton Cowles
  • Jared K. Fletcher
  • HdE
  • Nate Piekos
  • Cardinal Rae
* Best Colorist
  • Jordie Bellaire
  • Alessandro de Fornasari
  • Edson Ferreira
  • Laura Martin
  • Dave Stewart
* Best Cover Artist
  • Fabio Alves
  • Natasha Alterici
  • Stephanie Hans
  • Sana Takeda
  • Christian Ward
* Best Series
  • Banjax, Danger Zone (Action Lab Entertainment)
  • Bitter Root, Image Comics
  • Black Hammer: Age of Doom, Dark Horse Comics
  • Forgotten Home, Vices Press/comiXology Originals
  • Something is Killing the Children, BOOM! Studios
* Best Single Issue or Story
  • Bitter Root Red Summer Special, Image Comics
  • "Hot Comb" in Hot Comb, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Second Coming #1, AHOY Comics
  • Spencer & Locke 2 #1, Danger Zone (Action Lab Entertainment)
  • Tales of the Night Watchman: The Steam Banshee, So What? Press
  • Usagi Yojimbo #6, IDW Publishing
* Best Original Graphic Novel
  • The Adventures of Parker Reef - To Save a Soul, Chris Campana
  • BTTM FDRS, Fantagraphics
  • Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls, Graphix/Scholastic
  • The Hard Tomorrow, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Hot Comb, Drawn & Quarterly
  • New World, BOOM! Studios
  • Penny Nichols, Top Shelf Productions (IDW Publishing)
  • Simon Says, Image Comics
  • Snow, Glass, Apples, Dark Horse Comics
* Best Anthology
  • Dead Beats, A Wave Blue World
  • Drawing Power, Abrams ComicArts
  • Jim Henson's The Storyteller: Sirens, Archaia (BOOM! Studios)
  • Strange Tails, Vices Press
  • Thought Bubble 2019, Image Comics
* Best Humor Comic
  • Fangs, Tapas
  • The Handbook to Lazy Parenting, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Rick & Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons, IDW Publishing
  • Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen, DC Comics
  • Twizted: Haunted High-Ons, Source Point Press
  • Wonder Twins, DC Comics
* Best Comic Strip or Panel
  • The Middle Age, Steve Conley, Andrews McMeel Universal
  • Nancy, Olivia Jaimes, Andrews McMeel Universal
  • The Nib Editorial Cartoons by Pia Guerra,
  • Rhymes With Orange, Hilary Price, King Features Syndicate
  • Sarah's Scribbles, Sarah Andersen, Andrews McMeel Universal
  • Wawawiwa, Andres J. Colmenares
* Best Webcomic
* Best Non-fiction Comic Work
  • Coin-Op
  • Grass, Drawn & Quarterly
  • In Waves, Nobrow/Flying Eye Books
  • They Called Us Enemy, Top Shelf (IDW Publishing)
  • The Twilight Man, Humanoids
* Best Kids Comic or Graphic Novel
  • Dog Man: For Whom the Ball Rolls, Graphix/Scholastic
  • Guts, Graphix/Scholastic
  • New Kid, Harper Collins
  • Science! The Elements of Dark Energy, Bedside Press
  • The Underfoot: The Mighty Deep, Lion Forge (Oni Press)
* Best Presentation in Design
  • Going to the Chapel, Danger Zone (Action Lab Entertainment)
  • Making Comics, Drawn & Quarterly
  • Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups, Yoe Books (IDW Publishing)
  • Moomin: The Deluxe Lars Jansson Edition, Drawn & Quarterly
  • New World, BOOM! Studios
  • Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, Scout Comics
  • Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo: The Complete Grasscutter Artist Select, IDW Publishing
  • 3D Sweeties, Fantagraphics
The final ballot represents an aggregate of jury and fan top nominations. Congratulations to all of the nominees. Comic pros can click the button below to submit their votes.