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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Wednesday 30 June 2021

Collecting News Episode 24: Creed Figures and Prime 1 Superman!

Cinebook Ltd Newsletter 162 - June 2021


Dear Reader,

Welcome to our June newsletter! Ready for another month of comic goodness?

Let’s dive in straight away with the new Alone, and the continuing adventures of five kids who are definitely in over their heads! If you’ve read the series so far, you know what to expect: action, suspense, a liberal sprinkling of fantasy/horror, and tantalising answers that will leave you begging for the next volume already! And if you haven’t been reading it … what on earth are you waiting for?

Spirou & Fantasio is next, with a story by the new creative team for the series: Vehlmann and Yoann. More Zorglub shenanigans than you can shake a stick at, and a return to a Champignac that looks a tad different … Just a tad!

Finally, for a gallery of highly inventive, genuine alien creatures, there’s no better place than the ‘Worlds of Aldebaran’! Leo brings Return to Aldebaran to a close with a satisfying adventure, a host of answers … and maybe a new question or two!

June with Cinebook … return to fun worlds!

Our new catalogue is out! Go to our website to discover our upcoming titles for the next six months – 17 altogether, including 4 new series and 2 more volumes of the hardback Lucky Luke collection!

Alone 12
Gazzotti & Vehlmann
The Rebels of Neosalem

The time has come for war councils, as the elders of the First Families prepare the coming campaign against their enemies of the Last Families. They’re still unsure about the leader they’ve chosen, though – Saul. In response, the latter continues to slide deeper into authoritarianism ... Read more

Spirou & Fantasio 18
Yoann & Vehlmann
Attack of the Zordolts

Over time, Zorglub has become a friend of Champignac, and is no longer the enemy of old. Yet when he comes to see the Count one morning, he uses his deadly Zorglwave on him – the infamous brain-scrambling ray. Two weeks later, Spirou and Fantasio receive a call for help from their old friend ... Read more

Return to Aldebaran
Episode 3

The mysterious cube on Aldebaran was destroyed by a terrorist, along with the quantum gate that allowed passage to a new world – stranding Kim and her team on the other side. At least, they did manage to find – and befriend - the intruder who’d kidnapped Marie ... Read more

Memories from the Civil War 1

Episode 1

North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, us this handy Read more 

Or, if you're a retailer yourself, please go to: Read more


Well....At Last!

 I saw a Gerald Swan album on Ebay for a very low price and one of the features in it was "The Early Adventures of TNT Tom" so I justbexpected the usual bundling together.

If you are not into British Golden Age comics and characters that will mean nowt to you. However, let me just say that I got more than I bargained for -an actual "grail" item: the origin of TNT Tom!!

Fibromyalgia may be racking my body at the moment but screw that! I finally got the origin.

Now, if only someone came up with scans of Krakos the Egyptian, The Bat (William Ward's) or even Marsman and Moon Man's first strips (I can fantasise).

Wednesday 23 June 2021

Collecting News: Azure Sea Transformers, Prime 1 Predator, and More!

How Anime Changed Western Cartoons (Avatar: The Last Airbender, Teen Tit...

TheArt for The Ultimate Game Is Completed

 Fully drawn and don't ask how many pages as I have not counted them yet-this time after scanning (I pray my A3 scanner WILL work!) I intend to add page numbers. I do not plan on chapter headings this time but things tend to change when I go into designing the book.

Lettering will be fun. It's a pain in the arse really but it has to be done and it's the only thing I really use the computer for when it comes to art pages -mainly because my hands and fingers cannot handle a pen to letter. I did try at one point to use the computer to try effects and in my opinion ir was a disaster and not something I'll ever try again. In fact, lettering by computer can be fun because occasionally it gives me the opportunity to put more text into a panel and develop characters and add a touch of humour every-so-often.

I'll triple check pages to see if corrections need to be made and then scan and clean before lettering.

So it might be that the original September deadline for publishing will be July or August now. The cover is where things get annoying but I decided on this as a career (that funny noise was me laughing).

Updates as soon as...


Tuesday 15 June 2021

The Pages So Far

 Not finished yet but here is the art stack for The Ultimate Game

Task Force Europe

  There is always a little bit extra when it comes to Black Tower projects here and so why not the odd exclusive peek at "What should have been"?

I went through a box yesterday and found three of the project submission packs that I would have touted around to publishers back in the last century (it is SO weird writing that!). I could not remember the date of the project as a lot of things I burnt a couple years back, however, a flip sheet was attached and reads:

"This series was first produced in 1987 for a European publication in Germany (Bastei). the idea is a simple one; super hero action with a quirky (NOT comical) feel to it. Each story would feature characters from different countries of West, Central and Eastern europe  -an EU of super heroes!

"Stories would move around European cities from the UK to Finland, France amnd so on.

"The first story written (six scripts fully written) and pencilled by Terry Hooper was inked by John Schiltz back in 1990 and can be updated into the 48pp album format either B&W or colour"

From pencilled notes this was something that Gil Page at Fleetway was interested in as it could fit in a lot of the old adventure characters the company had and it could also be sold to other European publishers as per past projects. Sadly, the board room said "No!" very loudly and I think Gil knew the company was going to swerve away from what it used to be.

The submission pack I found mentioned the Big Balloon Bv which was a company based in the Netherlands. I have no idea what happened after the initial fax, phone call and submission.

As far as I recall these were faxed pages that I immediately photocopied on my Canon FC220 (before its demise!).

Here you go -Task Force Europe initial story.