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Terry Hooper-Scharf

Saturday 31 May 2014

A Line Drawn.....

There comes a time when you have to say "Enough is enough!"

Of course, there are people who totally ignore you when you say this because:

(1) They pay absolutely no attention to what I write on CBO so long as their books get publicised.

(2) 'Obviously' THEY are excepted "because"

(3) There is no reciprocal loyalty

Let me put this into context.  I have written, since the old WordPress CBO that unless a blog carries a reciprocal link to CBO (ie: CBO has a link to their site so they MUST put a link to CBO) their blog link is deleted.

Companies tell me: "Oh, we cannot possibly do that or we would have to list every other blog -even if they would not bother supporting us until we became cool!"  Now, Archie Comics is a prime example. I'm not going into it but long time CBOers know the history.  You push and promote a company and what it publishes -even beyond your blog and that company becomes "cool" and when you ask why you've heard nothing for months you are told "Yeah, no more books to review -printers won't send them out. Must have left you off the news list" then that is pure bull-shit.

Printers won't send out "complimentary books" (that the company pays for!) so the company will not?  That's just saying "Hey -you supported us now **** off!"

And 'forgetting' to send out news.....please.

So, why no link to CBO on their site? "We just couldn't possibly do that -we're a company we can't just list 'blogs'!"

Then you do reviews of company books or books from individuals. Your reviews are forgotten, put under some other blogs name (for which I took the full flak!) and so on and so forth. Now, you might think individuals would add a link to reviews of their books on their blogs?  Very few do.  Ask them to mention your latest book...."Mention YOUR book?? I can't, I don't know you well enough to do that!!" That's when I usually say "**** you!"

Face Book: people 'Friend' you.  Now, if I friend or accept a friend request I check out that persons FB page to find out about them and check any web site listed.  When, after being a 'friend' for 3-5 years someone writes: "Oh -do you write comics?" or "I had no idea you drew comics!" or the best one: "I have over a thousand friends on FB and I do not have the time to check out their postings!" (that is usually followed by an explanation that they block most incoming up-dates from 'friends').  They want to be your friend to promote their latest book and screw you!

The up-shot of this is that I have "unfriended" a large number of 'friends' and the purge continues.  I am also starting to delete ANY blog link that does not have a reciprocal link to CBO.  Some have already gone. 

I have seen so much two-faced 'friendship', seen so many lies and accusations (from people who have NEVER met me) that I have drawn the final line.  Whether you are a slimy little arse-licker in the Midlands or in the North of England: you are next to nothing to me. 

I am not the "comic village idiot" who you can just use when you like.

As for the arse-licker slimes -I'll be dealing with you.

Hollywood Reporter:Josh Brolin Voicing Thanos in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

After I rejected the Marvel offer to play Thanos in a movie the pressure was on for the company to find someone who had my simmering, threatening "presence" and was a magnificent actor.

They failed so got Josh Brolin to take the part according to Hollywood Reporter:

The character first appeared at the end of "The Avengers."

Josh Brolin is voicing the character Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy, sources tell THR.
The villainous character first appeared at the end of Marvel and Disney's The Avengers.

Guardians, set for release on Aug. 1, stars Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, the leader of the misfit Guardians. Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper and Lee Pace also star in the film. The film is directed by James Gunn from a screenplay by Gunn and Nicole Perlman

Thanos is a purple-hued alien who was born on Saturn's moon Titan. He's considered one of the baddest Marvel villains of all time, and is part of a group of god-like beings called The Eternalsand. He also trained Gamora (Saldana) to be an assassin. At the end of The Avengers, the character was played by Damon Poitier. 

Brolin most recently starred in Labor Day and Oldboy. His upcoming films include Everest, Inherent Vice and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and he has just joined Denis Villenueve's Sicario. He's repped by CAA.

As usual with its projects, Marvel had no comment.

Latino Review first reported Brolin's casting.

Friday 30 May 2014

Niffenegger, Fegredo Boulet and Stok join Lakes International Comic Art Festival Line-Up

Illustrator and author Audrey Niffenegger
The Time Traveller's Wife author Audrey Niffenegger joins the Lakes International Comic Art Festival line-up. Image courtesy Audrey Niffenegger

Niffenegger, Fegredo, Boulet and Stok join Lakes International Comic Art Festival Line-Up

Kendal, UK, 30th May 2014: Not content with an already-announced guest list that includes top comic creators Scott McCloud, Gail Simone, Jock and Becky Cloonan, plus a Doctor Who-inspired group that features publisher Dez Skinn and top creators Nick AbadzisMike Collins and Robbie Morrison, the Lakes International Comic Art Festival has announced four new top names have joined their event line-up in October.

The newly-announced guests are visual artist and author Audrey Niffenegger, perhaps best known for her novel The Time Traveller's Wife, but whose most recent book, Raven Girl, was adapted into a dance for the Royal Ballet in London last year by Wayne McGregor, Resident Choreographer. She has been collaborating on comics with Festival guest Eddie Campbell, including Thursdays, Six to Eight p.m., which was published in the Guardian in May 2014.

Audrey will be interviewed by fellow author and festival patron Mary Talbot and tickets for her event on Saturday 18th October, available now, are very limited.

Returning to the Festival in its second year is Duncan Fegredo, delivering a free, impromptu and unusual live drawing experience. Duncan is best known for collaborating with Mike Mignola on his signature creation, Hellboy and is currently aiding and abetting the expansion of Mark Millar's Millarworld with MPH.

Confirming the Festival's truly international flavour, also joining the Festival is top French artist Boulet, who has over 25 graphic novels in print in his native country and has also worked on two books of the Dungeon series with Lewis Trondheim and Joann Sfar, available in English. He'll also be providing a live drawing experience.

Rounding off these eleventh hour announcements is Dutch creator Barbara Stok, author of Vincent, a graphic novel biography of Van Gogh (SelfMadeHero). Well known for her candid autobiographical graphic novels, in 2009 Stok was awarded the Stripschapprijs for her oeuvre, one of the most prestigious prizes for comic books in the Netherlands.

Barbara will be appearing as a Festival guest and will also be found in the Comics Clock Tower, along with many other comic creators, publishers and retailers over the weekend.

These four guests are by no means the final surprises in store for Festival goers. Keep your eyes peeled on the event's official web site ( for the latest news...
• Tickets for all the events at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (17th - 19th October) are on sale now. For the full guest list, details of events and exhibitions and bookings visit:
• Sign up for the Festival's newsletter here for the latest news! Web:

Guest Spotlight: Audrey Niffenegger

The Night Bookmobile by Audrey Niffenegger
Audrey Niffenegger is a visual artist and a writer. She lives in Chicago.

Miss Niffenegger makes drawings, prints, photographs, and paintings. She specializes in making visual books, which she writes, illustrates, prints and binds herself. These books include The Three Incestuous Sisters, and The Adventuress, which were published in trade editions by Harry N. Abrams (US) and Jonathan Cape (UK) in 2005 and 2006. Her comic, The Night Bookmobile, was originally serialized in the London Guardian in 2008 and was published in book form by Abrams and Cape in 2010.

Miss Niffenegger’s first novel, The Time Traveler’s Wife, (MacAdam/Cage, 2003, Jonathan Cape, 2004) was a New York Times bestseller and received a British Book Award in 2005. It has been published in 36 languages. The Time Traveler’s Wife was adapted into a movie by New Line Cinema in 2009.

Her second novel, Her Fearful Symmetry, was published by Scribner and Jonathan Cape in 2009. It was an international bestseller and received a favorable front-page review in The New York Times Book Review. She is in the process of adapting it for the screen herself.

Audrey Niffenegger helped to found the Columbia College Chicago Center for Book and Paper Arts. Her art has been exhibited at Printworks Gallery since 1986. Her work has been collected by the Newberry Library, the National Museum for Women in the Arts, the Houghton Library, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Library of Congress, Northwestern University, and the Rijksmuseeum Meermano in the Hague. She was given her first retrospective in June, 2013 at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington DC. The catalog of the exhibition, Awake in the Dreamworld, was published by powerHouse Books in 2013.

In 2013 her most recent book, Raven Girl, was adapted into a dance for the Royal Ballet in London by Wayne McGregor, Resident Choreographer.

She has been collaborating on comics with Eddie Campbell, including Thursdays, Six to Eight p.m., which was published in the Guardian in May 2014.

She is currently a Professor in the Creative Writing Department of Columbia College. She teaches a seminar on writing novels.

Miss Niffenegger is a Ragdale Distinguished Fellow. She has also been a Resident at Yaddo.

She is currently working on her third novel, The Chinchilla Girl in Exile, and on a sequel to The Time Traveler’s Wife.


Guest Spotlight: Duncan Fegredo

Duncan FegredoDuncan Fegredo has drawn for as long as he has been walking although, to this day, he says he finds he wobbles at both tasks.

Illustrating comics for pretty much all major publishers he is probably best known for his work on Mike Mignola's Hellboy and continues to collaborate with Mignola to this day.

Previously he created a bunch of fabulous books at Vertigo with Peter Milligan on Enigma, Girl and Face, worked on the hilarious Jay & Silent Bob with writer/director Kevin Smith and was also lead story artist on Darren Aronofsky’s NOAH.

Currently Fegredo is aiding and abetting the expansion of Mark Millar’s Millarworld with MPH.


Guest Spotlight: Boulet

In His Own Words!

Boulet, age 39, French. 6 feet 2, 200lbs. Blood Type A+. Draws comics (more than 25 books published in France. Check out Notes, Dungeon, La page blanche, Raghnarok...).

Likes: TV shows, science books, whisky (Single Malt Islay), french fries.

Hates: Astrology, homeopathy, people who say "In my humble opinion".

Motto: "Heavy is the cinderblock of reality on the strawberry pie of our illusions". Probably loves you.


Guest Spotlight: Barbara Stok

Barbara Stok
Image: Ricky van Duuren, via Wikipedia (Creative Commons)
Barbara Stok is the author of Vincent, a graphic novel biography of  artist Van Gogh published by SelfMadeHero. Well known for her candid autobiographical graphic novels, in 2009 Stok was awarded the Stripschapprijs for her oeuvre, one of the most prestigious prizes for comic books in the Netherlands. Robert Crumb has said of her stories "[they are] funny, well-told, courageously truthfull". In addition to her work for newspapers and magazines, she has eight books to her name.

Vincent documents the brief and intense period of creativity Van Gogh spent in Arles, Provence. Away from Paris, the painter falls in love with the landscape and light of the south of France, and dreams of setting up an artists' studio in Arles. But attacks of mental illness leave him disorientated and confused. When his friend Paul Gaugin refuses to reside permanently at the Yellow House, Van Gogh cuts off part of his ear, and his dreams are left in tatters. But throughout all this, Vincent's brother Theo stands by him, offering constant and unconditional support. Stok's graphic biography breathes new life into one of the most fascinating periods of art history.

Web (Dutch site):

About the 2014 Lakes International Comic Art Festival

The Lakes International Comic Art Festival (17th – 19th October 2014) is a new kind of comic art event in the UK. Modelled on a European-style festival it aims to take over the market town of Kendal, on the edge of the Lake District, with comic art presenting the widest range of genres. Events include a 24 Hour Comic Marathon, children’s comic workshops, talks, signings, Great War in Comics art exhibition and a Comics Fair. 
The huge line up of guests that this year's Lakes International Comic Art Festival include acclaimed comics creator and newspaper strip artist Nick Abadzis (author of Laika); Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard; Fables and Sandman artist Mark Buckingham; The Mire and Wolves creator Becky Cloonan; Alec and From Hell artist Eddie Campbell; veteran publisher Dez SkinnWatchmen co-creator Dave Gibbons; 2000AD artist Jock; digital comics pioneer Scott McCloud; Japanese artist Junko Mizuno; Drowntown co-creator Robbie Morrison; leading US comics writer Gail Simone; the creator of the multi-award winning Bone Jeff Smith; Grandville and Luther Arkwright author Bryan Talbot, one of the Festival's patrons alongside Sean Phillips and Mary Talbot; and Emma Vieceli will also join other comic creators for Kendal's second comics extravaganza.

• Visit the Festival web site for the full guest list announced so far

24 Hour Comic Marathon

The 24 Hour Comic Marathon creative team is: Dan Berry, Marathon curator and producer; Kristyna Baczynski (NME), Warwick Johnson Cadwell (Tank Girl), Joe Decie (The Accidental Salad) Sarah McIntyre (Oliver and the Seawigs, shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards 2014), Fumio Obata (author of the graphic novel Just So Happens) and Jack Teagle.

• For more information about the 24 Hour Comic Marathon visit:

Festival Sponsors and Benefactors

The Patrons of the Festival are comic creators Sean Phillips, Bryan Talbot and Mary Talbot.

The Festival is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, with funding from South Lakeland District Council and Kendal Town Council working in partnership with the Brewery Arts Centre and Kendal College.

Commercial sponsors include the Westmorland Shopping Centre, SEQUENTIAL and Knockabout.

Recent Releases

Titan Comics Art Competition Image
Creators set to assemble in Lakes Festival’s “Comics Clock Tower”

Digital Comics Under the Spotlight at Lakes International Comic Art Festival

Titan Comics Teams Up with LICAF for Undiscovered Talent Search

Eddie Campbell joins Lakes International Comic Art Festival Line-Up
Tickets for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival (17th - 19th October 2014) are on sale now. Sign up for the Festival's newsletter here for the latest news! 
For further information contact: Julie Tait -
Copyright © 2014 Lakes Arts Festivals Limited, All rights reserved.

Titan Comics: Dragons 1: Riders Of Berk

Writer  Simon Furman
Artist   Iwan Nazif
Colorists   Digikore Studio  Nestor Pereya
Letterer   David Manley-Leach
Genres   Action/Adventure Fantasy Historical
Duration  Ongoing
Full colour
Soft cover
All Ages
Frequency  Quarterly
ISBN   9781782760764
£3.99 UK   $6.29 US    $7.59 Can

"Snotlout's dragon, Hookfang, is shedding scales - and that's causing fires in Berk! When an upset Hookfang flies off and disappears, the gang set up a search party. Unfortunately, Alvin the Treacherous is also on the hunt for Hookfang...Who will get to Hookfang first - the Riders or Alvin? Find out in the first exciting Dragons Riders of Berk graphic novel."

Which I kind of think says everything.  Nice story, lovely artwork and production and, to be honest, I can see this book appealing to "all ages" as claimed.

I think the pages speak for themselves so what can I possibly write other than, when they are old enough, my great nephews will have this passed on to them.

Now you don't have to just rely on Cinebook for quality all age books.

Peter Lally: London October 2013 To May 2014

 London October 2013-Mau 2014
Peter Lally
A5 (Landscape)
Black & White/spot colour
order via:

According to Lally this zine contains "strips about The Radio, The Political System and Satellite Erection. It’s a bit serious actually.."  and as one of the dynamic duo of the UK Alternative Press I take his word on it.

Lovely print quality.

If you are unfamiliar with Lally's work can check it out at his blog.  It is not slick, high-pro artwork and I don't think anyone claims that.  This is someone whose art HAS improved ("Our Thing" page he draws Parliament quite well -something I've always tried to avoid, and I don't mean drawing well!).  It's a zine by someone who has something to say and has decided to use words and pictures to do so.  There is some nice dry humour. 

The Small Press covers every subject without tipping its collective hat to mainstream comics, as it should be because I don't think this Lally offering would work "drawn the Marvel way"!!

Bite the bullet: buy a small press comic.  Make Peter Lally rich!  In all seriousness, a zine worth checking out.

Thursday 29 May 2014

2014 Clallam Bay Comicon

Sticker art - only a dollar - and
panel moderators and table bosses get one for free!
You don't HAVE to buy one, but it proves you
attended. We still got 2012-13 tshirts, too.
Hi, folks! And we're off and running for the 3rd year!

Promote your attendance or your shop with the 2014 flyer mini-poster (download link), featuring our logo, Kelpie! If you want to use logo/mascot "Kelpie" for tshirts, buttons, etc., and make some money, contact me.

First, links to the 2nd annual con:
The 2013 ComiconRecord Page/Con Report Link
The 2013 Comicon Facebook Page

Now - the 2014 information: 

FACEBOOK LINK (If you want to keep up with ongoing discussions, ask questions, organize a sales rep or living space or panels).

July 13-14-15: During and after Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days 9am to 5 pm SUNDAY AND MONDAY for trade show (setup, show, breakdown). (You heard us - Sunday and Monday). SATURDAY is optional, for getting here, enjoying Fun Days, Parade, and Fireworks party night; but highly recommended.

ADMISSION for public: free. "We don't need no stinkin' badges." You're all special guests to us. And don't have to prove you're pros or amateurs.

BOOTH FEES: $25 ($27.00 Paypal).  CONTACT for payment instructions.

The newly renovated building - nice job, Lions!
Clallam Bay/Seiku Lion's Club
90 Bogachiel Street
Clallam Bay, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, United States (Take Highway 112 through Clallam Bay. After the hard left, look for liqour store on the right; Bogachiel Street is the next left).

ACCOMADATIONS AND HOUSING Get your ass in gear - rooms fill up FAST! And also Neah Bay AND the Couchsurfers Event Link! Stay with fascinating local people - or if you are a FLP - sponsor a comics/media/art/writer in your own home.

EVERYONE WELCOME. If you do comics, poetry, gallery art, jewelry, paint cars, bake pies, sing, do stand-up, sculpture, hip-hop, light shows, whatever - bring it. Cosplay wanted for the parade. AND HORSES!

HOW TO GET HERE: Take a flight to Port Angeles on Kenmore Air, then take the Forks bus to the the Clallam Bay connection at Sappho.  Yes, Sappho. Bus details at Clallam Transit. Or take Olympic Bus Lines from Seattle. Coming from Portland, or other points south? Take the WEST side of the Olympic Peninsula, Highway 101: Good roads, scenic, food and fuel - and MUCH less traffic, even in July.

GETTING to Neah Bay and back, if you'd prefer not to drive every day - contact Olympic Peninsula Errand Service, for Janet or Adam: (360) 640-4583 NOTE: Neah Bay is a First Nations town, and DRY. And you don't want to drive THAT road after enjoying some wind-down juice.

AWARDS: Who are we to judge? If your fans love you and buy stuff, you win.

PROVIDED: space, electricity (PROBABLY wi-fi). More Wi-fi is 24/7 at the library, right around the corner. LOTS of table space!

SPACE: Dealer's Room: main club building. Gaming and music: outside covered porch. Panels: outside covered porch. Parking: around Lion's Club, Old Fire Hall and Clinic parking lot. LINK TO PHOTOS OF MORE SPACES

PANELS and EVENTS Link: Includes audio-visual details.

GAMES: You want games? Find a Gamesmaster and contact us to be put in the Panel schedule.

CATERING: We have a NICE kitchen available, so if you want to bring and sell food, take care of your own licensing or whatever. 

CHARITY: Comicon needs a charity. Contact us.

BEST, safest, most scenic route if driving: Highway 101 around Lake Crescent, then Highway 113-112 to Clallam Bay (slightly longer, but recommended).

FIRE DISPLAYS: If you want to play Burning Man, contact the District Five Fire Department.


LAST-MINUTE PRINTING: Already on the peninsula and forgot something? Need a large print order at the last minute? Olympic Printers are the guys.

T-SHIRTS: Don't want to drag a million t-shirts along, especially if you have a new design? Get 'em done in Port Angeles and pick 'em up at SickTees.

CHILDREN: watch your own.

TRASH: Container in Lion's Club kitchen. SEPARATE THE CANS.

FACILITY CARE: No tape of any sort on the wall. Respect the Lion's Club's wall displays. We all chip in to clean up at the end of the show. It don't take long.
Don't set yourself on fire.


1: Donna Barr's A Fine Line Press AND Clallam Bay Comicon Central (Official convention t-shirts!).

2: Catalyst Studios