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Sunday, 20 March 2016

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors....

....CBO Doesn't Have Any Sponsors? Crap!

Someone asked why there had only been 259 posts so far this year?  You realise we are only in March -right?  But I think someone -you know who- wasn't reading CBO properly last year, were you?

CBO gets no sponsorship.  In the past I tried Adsense but they wouldn't pay up so they were dropped like a brick straight out of a kiln.  NEVER EVER think about Adsense.  I tried from 2005-2015 to get people paying a rock bottom price to advertise on CBO -thousands of views a day, get your product noticed.  No. "We don't want to pay anyone -just post our free stuff!" Even companies I supported when they were starting out stuck up the proverbial two fingers.

Which creates problems. CBO takes -or took- up hours a day of research, typing....just a lot of work. The feedback always coming from the usual 4-5 people....out of thousands.  365 days of the week (unless I was too ill to get to a keyboard) several long hours to make CBO what it was.

A full time job with no pay and 1% (actually I think it works out as 00.45%) feedback meant burn-out.  WHY should I carry on when I had no idea who read what, would they like to see more of this or that? I did warn last year that CBO was being pulled. I was in the process of shutting the site down and a very timely intervention just stopped me.  "Do it for fun, for what you enjoy!"  So that is what I announced I would do.

You send your books they still get reviewed. Just do NOT send me press releases on your UK comic events or kick-starters: both go straight to Spam.

And as I am now a recognised comics (UK comics and annuals) valuer on top of being a comics historian and blogger I thought "go with it".  So I have produced a few posts on Tarzan comics.  I have also tried to highlight, so that none of you out there interested in buying, the crooked pricing going on (I just got a batch of near mint UK Tarzans for £7.00 -about 10 so you work out the price and certainly not £9.99 or £29.00 or £50!) especially with Ebay dealers.

I love comics and art and I hate seeing comickers getting ripped off. Also, thanks to "McClure" from New York who wrote: "You are spot on, budd, the Gold Key Tarzan comics ain't a great read and the interior art isn't inspiring -its the cover art we want and most collectors wont buy below Near Mint or Mint".  "Budd"!

So I'm looking at topics I enjoy -certainly the German comic videos and German comics postings have attracted a lot of views.  But the Jean Marc Lofficer and Hexagon/Wanga comics posts get similar views.

Don't fear, I've not given up. I just spend less time running around looking for CBO material. 

But if you've books,small press comics,  graphic novels, comic albums, dvd  you want reviewed -here I am!

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