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Sunday, 3 April 2016

$200 for a box of 200 or 160 Comics. The industry sure is 'healthy'

If ever further proof were needed!  This guy paid $50 more than another who got 200 comics!

To try to boost comic sales some people are sealing up long boxes full (sometimes NOT full-be warned) of comics and selling them at $50 a box.

YOU gamble.  They make money.

"Box of 160 comic books. Marvel, DC, Malibu, Eclipse, image and dark horse. I know nothing about comics. Most are in excellent to mint condition. $200 shipped on the whole box. That's $1.25 shipped per comic."

Hmm. I can tell you that Captain America is NOT in "Excellent to Mint" condition!  If someone was originally charging $5 for that they needed to be put out of business.


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  1. I think the most one can say about that Captain America is that the cover is still on.