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Saturday, 30 April 2016

Business Entrepreneurs and Comic Books

So I'm Shopping in Sainsbury's....I know.  Posh, heh?

Anyway,I'm looking around at the prices and barely listening to whatever radio they had playing over the speakers.

Some man was droning on about "British entrepreneurial spirit" -or, rather, the lack of it today. "Take entertainment" he says and I start losing interest. "Look at all the movies that are making huge amounts of money -based on comic strips" Me: "WHAT??" The man continued: "You are not going to rake in the money that the big US companies like Disney do but it shows there is a market -for however long it lasts. But the last time the UK had comics published in the UK as part of an industry was forty years ago"

I thought "Not 40 years you.....oh.It is 40 years!"

Cue woman with kids and loud mouthed hubby who seemed to think "Do we have tomato ketchup or not?" was the major topic of the week. Man on radio: "Why? Because there is no one around now who knows how to publish comics"

Ahem.  I'm still here.

Radio cuts out and music comes on.  Silence.  More radio but a local station.  Silence....

So I asked the manager (who was busy doing nothing) what the radio station was? "What radio station?" I say "The radio station you just had playing over your speakers...."  Him: "Didn't hear it".

I'm there thinking I must have imagined it when his colleague chips in: "They're testing the system today so its random radio and sound checks"  Manager grunts.  They move on.

Local? Regional? National? No idea. If anyone heard it let me know so I can see if its online. But seriously, whoever it was...well,it was like he was reading a CBO posting! Accurate but I am still here -I know how to put comics together and I'm not going anywhere!

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