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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

As If A Publisher Did Not Have Enough Problems

What with the Post Office increasing postage, the tax people and more problems than you really need in publishing there is one thing that astonishes me.  Everyone working on this or that computer program to "take it back" from the big businesses.  But what about pdf makers?

You know, the thing you need to combine and convert your pages to pdf for the printer?

Adobe in the UK -over £200 for a year and Nitro aren't much better. You see, I assumed that you purchased the program it was yours for good.  No,  I was chatting with someone whose job it is to review various computer software and he asked if I was being serious?

"It's a year subscription purchase -after that it deactivates and you have to re-subscribe"

I checked.  He wasn't kidding.

So IF I purchased one of these -Adobe or Nitro- I need to re-subscribe each year.  That's money I need to get back by increasing prices on books that are not selling.

And, yes, there are a few "free" pdf makers out there but they all have hidden catches that create more problems that take time to set right.

We are in 2016 and no one has created a free-to-all pdf converter??  Jeez, if I was computer literate I would.

But as of now the files for 4 books sit on my computer.  They aint going anywhere.

Where's "Anonymous" when you need them?

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