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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Tarzan in TV Comic....

Above: TV Tornado cover by Don Lawrence

To answer a query by John schiltz: I know Don Lawrence at least drew Tarzan for TV Tornado though there was at least one other. Sadly I cannot find a sample of a TV Comic weekly Tarzan strip but if one can be forwarded (my TV Comics are no more) it might help identify who the artist was.

Don Lawrence drew the following stories:

 The Lionhunter - Barchak - Krauk The Crocodile - Bongi's Adventure - Wild Chagra - The Mighty Olombo - The Monster Of M'Tambi - Servant Of The Gods - Urogi - The River God - People On The Run - Bad Manu - You Little Monkey You - The Roar Of The Lion - The Power Of Water - The Elephanthunters - The Holy Mask - A Family Quarrel - The Jungle Queen - A Busy Day For Tarzan - The Secret Of The Lions - Captured - A New Leader - Elephant Walk - The Fish Thief - Chained - The Owigi Gold - Malubu - Poison - The Iron Elephant - Mask Of The Devil - Okopi's Sacrifice - Carnivore Plants - Sharing - The Deadly Eye - Aerobatics - The Black Gold

This is a Don Lawrence Tarzan page and it is, unmistakably, Lawrence!

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