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Monday, 18 April 2016

Delusionally Speaking I Am Rolling In Cash From Sales!

I don't do this every time but if you ask....

Roger365 emailed me to say that "certain persons" on a UK comic site, mentioned my posting yesterday. The quote is: "He really is delusional because the UK comics industry is thriving -but he's admitted to having 'mental problems' before so not unexpected."

I'd have to ask who is delusional?? But you can see the mentality at work here -and going unchallenged as always by everyone reading it.  I do know that 'friends' are on these groups but cowardly say nothing and it's a reason I have nothing to do with the "UK comic scene".

As for "mental problems" -I have never "admitted" to having any. I have actually stated outright and been perfectly frank about this for more than 30 years.  I have manic depression or whate-ever buzz word you want to use "bi-polar"? Never affected my work in the least, in fact I've done some great work while "under" a cloud.  Despite the bad reputation Stephen Fry may have given bi-polar people, we do not all open our mouths, spew shit and later say "Well, it's this depression". Everything I write is backed up by facts which is why these gutter slimes try to use the "he's a mental!" response (about 15 times in the last five years apparently).  I really don't care but I know for a fact that some of the comic creators on these sites who keep quiet and allow this suffer from depression. I know because I've helped some of them. So they keep their "dirty little secret" because they do not (in 2016!) want to be called names and rather than saying "Look, you can't say that in this day and age" they allow a false stigma to continue.

There, my friends, is why I washed my hands of the UK comic scene because there are very few if any comic fans involved.  And I did write that after the last posting I expected this.

But Roger365 -if you are an adult PLEASE use your name when communicating with real people- also made it clear that certain persons were saying "This stuff aboute(sic) no sales and no money is a sympathy ruse to get sales and that youve made a lot from your books"

I have, several times, because I am an open publisher, posted a full year's "revenue report" -or "lack of revenue report".  The Tax Office gets this so why not the public as I've nothing to hide?  So here is the current statement:

You need to remember that, like the stats on CBO, I have no control of the POD site and what it shows. So this is, sadly, fact. The same for the last quarter and the quarter before that.

Why no Black Tower books sell I have no idea.  They get wide enough publicity -every posting seen by thousands and not just in the UK.  CBO has a world-wide readership as I've pointed out before. People seeing the books first hand comment on the high quality of printing and content.

Now, if -if- we were in a "thriving" UK comics industry you would, statistically, expect 10-20 in a poor year as people checked out what was available but, no. Nothing. I was the biggest buyer of my own books for reviewers and friends and I stopped the review copies because the people who asked for review copies were not reviewing nor mentioning -just grabbing freebies.

I actually feel very bad about this because I work with some great artists but they are seeing no sales nor money.  And, to prove a point, I have made it clear to all of them that if they can find a paying publisher for the work anywhere I will withdraw the BTCG book.  Also, artists have full rights to the artwork so they could sell it to make money.

Hopefully, that has cleared a few things up.  You hear rumours ignore them.  Come ask ME.

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  1. As an old friend of mine used to say, " Oh, up and down like Tower Bridge, John ". Been there. Some people have the intellect of incontinent hyenas. Stuff them.