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Saturday, 2 April 2016

I Bet Kang The Conqueror Never Had These Problems!

So, "Why don't you do what your pals seem to do and have girlie pics and videos?" wrote Dough78.

Feck off, Dough78.

Sorry, but there are certain people who think suddenly opening up new accounts means you cannot see who they really are, right, Doug78?

Now, I've been up-dating the Alan Class blog as well as the Alan Class Face Book page -yesterday I uploaded about 300(?) cover scans, etc..  I have no idea why the disc with all the scans were at the very top of the thousand or so discs but it's the first bit of good luck I've had in a while.  Well, there was Margie but she turned out to be a 42 year old Baptist minister so let's not go there.

You see, there is the Yahoo Alan Class Group and a FreeServers site.  The first in the UK dedicated to this publisher (so there :-p). But, Yahoo keeps making changes without telling anyone and one of the changes was to make sure that even a group owner (me) could not download images from there.  Just how that makes sense I have no idea. Bunch of arses with highly paid jobs and no work "so let's screw it up for our users!"

So, Yahoo Group is an archive while the FB page is designed to be...well, a Face Book page!

What else? Oh, Metronidazole is not a good antibiotic for me. Never had a bad reaction to antibiotics before.

You'll notice, by-the-way, that Ebay sellers are discussed on the Class blog. I've tried to give a guide to roughly dating Class comics.  Claiming a title is a "1977 edition" is pure and utter old fanny.  There is a very good reason why Class comics have no dating info on them and if you do not know what that is then go look up the Class interview.

Also, someone in the UK advertising a Class title as "1960s?" is trying it on if the price on the cover clearly reads 55p. Before decimalisation day in February, 1971, Class Comics were 1/- (one shilling) but after went to 6p the posting on the blog.  Seems con-men will try to screw money out of people on anything.

Hmm. People starting to join the FB group.  Good.

Anyways -a THANK YOU to Ben Dilworth for his package and also a big THANKS to Pekka A. Manninen for the copy of Tarzan Poika (Son of Tarzan) -in Finnish but fun.

Have a good weekend, folks!


  1. Just checking my 'Simple Sums With The New Money'. Hmm. That would have been one expensive comic. The word 'dunce' seems appropriate. I'll add 'chronologically insular' to dunce, just for good measure. Since my pocket money was . . ah, giving away state secrets, but certainly not enough for a comic that would cost eleven shillings.

  2. By 1987-1989 I don't think most people even remembered what 11/- was. I certainly gave up explaining WHY decimalisation was used to rip us off.

    1. You make many a wise decision, and many things that one cannot change should remain in ancient history. Perhaps, in the end, there was too much truth, for some, in the open.

  3. Always best to remember that comments can be seen by ANYONE so.... ;-)

    1. " Pardon Master, I shall be correspondent to command and I shall do my spriting gently." By the way, did you get my little character on the e-mail? Of course, that little sign of his can be used for all sorts of messages, "feck off" for example. And, all free of charge. I did a more recent version and he looks less like the Avery character and various symbolic accoutrements can be altered. I used him on my Freelance CV many years ago.

  4. Man, don´t bother with the girlie pictures and videos. That stuff takes away too much time. Post what you want.

  5. Just a mo ! When you said ANYONE . . does that mean that if you insult someone in the afterlife that's been passed over for nearly a century -as my previous comment referred to - they get to read it too ??? Now I'm really worried as to the reach of CBO. Erm. Grovel time. All hail the Zine Meister. {:-(