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Monday, 18 April 2016

How I Rule The Comics World!

Graph of most popular countries among blog viewers

The following are the blog stats for 1st - 17th April, 2016

United States         6067
Ukraine                 3381
France                  2655
United Kingdom   2381
Russia                  1216
Germany              1001
Japan                   740
Romania              528
Spain                   303
Poland                 281

Now look at the stats for "This Week" -or, "Today" as we call it!

United States
United Kingdom

The first thing I noticed is that, out of the blue this month, CBO is getting views from Japan.  That surprised me but I guess there are comic fans out there not just into Manga.

You'll also notice that Australia and New Zealand are nowhere to be seen, yet I know there are people in those countries viewing CBO. I've never been able to find out why their views are not recorded since in cannot be that there are not enough as on the Class Comics, AOP and Black Tower blogs views of 3-10 are shown from both.

The great Internet war rages on and CBO lost China.  I got a fuzzy feeling of warmth when I saw the PRC was viewing my blog.  If anyone from China still views (I know you do) -thank you.

Oddly, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and so on are not showingt up in views but some times do on the other blogs.

Even little Pacific islands are recorded on views.

Charles, who does a lot of internet stats work involving business tells me that there are "technical and political" reasons why certain countries do not register any views.  Doing stuff that to me is total gobble-dee-gook, Charles tells me my "traffic analysis and feeds" (I'm controlling traffic and feeding what now???) show that I can "double the daily stats to show a more accurate page views figure".  Well, that sounds nice and he can prove it with all the internet mumbo-jumbo but I stick with what I see and my brain is not built to deal with jumbles of numbers!

It took Mr Dilworth to explain to me when CBO had gone over a million views because dyscalculie means all I see is a jumble of numbers which don't mean much.

But I thought it might be interesting to also show the "All Time" (ie. from 2010 when CBO was a "back-up" page and I never started posting here until the WordPress CBO closed down in 2012 as you can see -postings 2010 =33   2011 =229   2012 = 541 which you can find to the right) views.

China                    1127993
United States         435727
United Kingdom    108197
France                  72586
Ukraine                 57757
Russia                   53805
Germany               50312
Bulgaria                17827
Romania               12416
Netherlands          9592

Views from the UK tend to be sporadic and in the daily views the UK is usually listed between fifth and tenth position.  It is interesting that the views have shot up after I've posted items on UK comics and publishing.  I can't even begin to guess why but they are obviously striking a note somewhere.

The highest number of page views since our Chinese friends lost their way here are, surprisingly, from the United States. I write "surprisingly" because there arte a LOT of American comic blogs.  Okay, most seem to deal with DC, Marvel, Image of That other company and even Manga.  I think it shows that a lot of American comickers are not just "American four colour nuts" as one person put it.  Also, more Americans seem to want to join groups I run and, to date, have been polite, enquiring and willing to learn more.

I really did not expect to get that many views from the United States so -THANK YOU.

Now, I don't check the stats for numbers daily but I do so to see "which countries" and "Now Viewing" is quite interesting at times.  I still worry about the two viewers in Antarctica no longer showing up. I have images of two men in Arctic wear during a clearing in the blizzard and one saying: "Hey -we found one of those UFOs people keep talking about!"

But the top ten each day is usually the United States followed by Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and UK -in no particular order (no favourites!). Again, there are blogs in these countries so why CBO?  I know that with France a lot of comickers like to check out the Cinebook editions and, when I used to have them sent, the reviews of Casterman BD because it seems French companies tend not to show preview pages.  BD Gest (on the blog list) shows pages but with Casterman I was showing pages of books they weren't.

Now these are all "high views" countries.  Oh, if 1% of them bought a copy of one of my books!!

Also, I know some of those views (don't ask because I just shall not tell you!) are from publishers in those countries.

But I get no sales nor offers of work.......I have tears running down my cheeks, guys!

However, not even 1% of those viewing CBO ever comment (those of you who do -my "regulars" as I like to call you because, like prunes, you keep me going. Uh, yeah, maybe not as complimentary sounding as I intended).

Now you have to realise that I love analysing facts and details to draw conclusions.  So, never hearing what draws you to CBO leaves me perplexed.  A friend (I have a casual friend so there) said "Just do the blog because you enjoy it or want to say something" so I do. I still get perplexed, though!

So, I suppose it's a case of carrying on as I have been doing.

If you enjoy the posts then fair enough. And if you ever want to check the online store....or even offer work.....


  1. Possibly one of the reasons so many countries “click” on your blog is the name of your blog - if you’re looking for a blog on comics most folk type in "comic blogs" or similar and your blog comes up in the top returns(it does on my list) obviously some/most like what they see and most log on again – you’d be surprised how few blogs (on comics) do not have the word “comic” in their title.

    1. It's with such regularity that I put in for CBO on the search engine, that just Terry H. will ensure top billing.

  2. It IS weird. I looked for comic blogs and there are not many with "Comic" in the title which is odd if you are posting about...comics! But let's not start a trend here!

    1. The baby, after all this time, has realized that he is a prisoner in his own reality and someone has just said " Be seeing you ".

  3. What's even weirder is that I looked at a few "Top 20"/"Top 50" comic blog surveys online. CBO is nowhere to be seen even though it, and another blog I have, get far more views per day and feeds than some in the top 20, 30, 40 or 50. BUT they all appear to be American. The response from one of the sites doing these stats was that "We are only looking at United States as it is the (emphasised) comic country". I was so tempted to respond top that....