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Monday, 11 April 2016

Dez Skinn on Ebay

In amongst all the con-men and ridiculous prices being asked on Ebay I remembered Dez Skinn had an online store there.

I have purchased items there before and at very good prices.

Using a price guide you see what comics are really worth.  I have 20 UK b&w weekly Planet of the Apes comics. Everyone on Ebay is asking £17.95-£20+ and Dez Skinn? Price guide £1.95.

They have good prices and my previous purchases arrived in good packaging so Skinn is one Ebay seller I'm very happy with!

Uh, two things, though. He had Gold Key's Girl from U.N.C.L.E. #1 as 1963. The series only aired on TV in 1966.  And Mighty Crusaders #41 is, in fact, Mighty comic #41. Guess what I nabbed??


  1. Some nice deals there - I would have nabbed Mighty Comics issue 41 personally (Im a big fan of those comics)

  2. Its one of those "keep looking" things. I saw it just as I was about to give up. But prices are very fair.

  3. Thanks for that, Terry. Have amended the typo on Girl from UNCLE #1. Not sure what was wrong with Mighty Comics (plural) #41's listing but as you bought it, it's irrelevant now!

    But typos can happen, especially when you've over 3,000 items individually listed. (Life was so much easier in the listing days of #21-50 very good to fine @ 2/6d.)

    Oh, and unless you'd wanted merely to tease, you forgot to include a link! It's

  4. "Typos"? No, never come across those! But it happens. Thanks for the link which I thought I added (now who looks daft!) I'll add the link in. Cheers.