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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Quick Note...Is That Possible??

A quick note.  I'm sure someone has asked "WHY is he posting videos by other people -some ain't even in English?!"

Firstly, ComicBookGirl19: she covers movies and TV as well as comics and she knows what she's talking about. And she has a robot assistant.  Even if I sometimes doubt it is a real robot. But CBG19s opinions are -cuss-fuelled as they are- fun and I like to give CBO visitors a choice of opinion.

Nerdzig TV. Love the accents. But there are people visiting CBO from Germany in large enough numbers for me to think that some might enjoy the crew and their opinions on comics -after all, I have done this for French viewers in the past.  Yes, they speak in German. That's what Germans do, damn them!

I'd like to get more fun on CBO so I am trying.

Incidentally, absolutely NOTHING for review from US Independent or Small Press publishers which is a bit sad but their choice -get your books noticed people!

That's it.

Now off to finish that Ancient Greek Mythic swamp to go with the temple!

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