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Saturday, 4 June 2016

I'm singing. I'm dancing. I'm off to gather nuts in May!

Hmm.  I think people read one thing but totally believe it to mean something else. I have never ever said or written that I want people to agree with me.  A couple of snide little sods on some comic site have said I "demand praise and applause" -WTF????

So, here is a comment I wrote in response to someone who commented on CBO earlier that explains things from my perspective.

Oh my gods -I DO NOT want people to agree with my opinions unless they do. As your profile leads to nothing, no posts, no info, etc.,

The whole point of fandom and the fan-press was to get people talking and discussing comics, characters and so on. I've seen very heated conversations between fans with opposing views over a character but they are exchanging thoughts and ideas and opinions.

The main reason I continued CBO from magazine to blogs was to hear from other fans, hear what they have to say -with the video comics community we do a lot of that but we are old comickers (some only going back to the 1980s though) but we all love hearing from newbies who ask questions, make points and we all learn a lot from these exchanges. THAT is what fandom is about.

Yesterday there were views from countries I've not seen on the stats before. In these cases I know people are quite nervous about commenting in a foreign language (English) and Ukraine has over taken the USA for views -first time ever that many views from one country and only China has ever beaten the number of US views before -WHY?

Was there something specific that attracted all the attention?

Was it a boring night on TV?

And who were the two viewers in the antarctic???

I could write and write and write but why? If it's all in my head I get the same reaction as when it gets posted to CBO.

I want to hear what old and new comic fans think, not just of Marvel or DC but the whole comics scene -titles, characters, conventions, cosplay the lot because I feed off that type of thing and it keeps me going and even combining blogs wouldn't achieve much -same thing would happen.

If you have a glossy magazine (anything really) and people buy it but absolutely no one commented on it then you KNOW it has something but you'd sit there asking yourself "People EVEN agreed with that garbage we wrote on Katie??" 95% of readers may have hated it but because they buy the magazine anyway you have no idea so do you continue posting Katie Garbage while readers are sat at home thinking "WHY the hell are they still publishing this stuff about Katie -I hate it!"

In the past I've published points that counter mine. Great. Otherwise it really is like playing tennis with yourself...and no ball.

And, oddly, my last post yesterday on both CBO and the AOP blog got record numbers of views I've not seen on CBO in a long time let alone the AOP blog!

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