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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Cinebook Ltd Newsletter 102- June 2016

Dear Reader,
Welcome to this June newsletter, packed full of goodness just for you.

Such as a brand new series in print, for example. Here´s The Last Templar, adapted from Raymond Khoury´s international best-seller. A bizarre attack on a New York museum sends an archaeologist and an FBI agent on the trail of the legendary Knights Templar. Hold on tight – it´s going to be a wild ride!

Speaking of holding on tight, Lucky Luke is escorting a convoy of mail-order brides westward, and could find himself in danger of losing his precious independence when one – or more – of them starts thinking he´d make a good husband too!

Meanwhile, Valerian and his allies and friends are finally assembled and ready to do something to stop the destruction of Galaxity at the hands of some extraterrestrial scheming power. The price to pay and the discoveries they´ll make could prove difficult to accept, though...

Want more Valerian fun? At San Diego Comic Con [] this year, there will be a special panel with Luc Besson, Cara Delevingne and Dane DeHaan, and the lucky attendees will get to see the first footage of the Valerian movie. In addition, we´ve arranged to be represented at SDCC by Mysterious Galaxy [], a mighty fine independent genre bookstore based in San Diego. So, if you happen to be undertaking this holy pilgrimage of geekdom on 20-24 July, stop by the Mysterious Galaxy booth (#1119) and stock up on Valerian titles – we´ve even reprinted volumes 1 and 3 so everyone can complete their collection!
June with Cinebook: good to the last page!

Lucky Luke 59
Morris & Vidal
Bride of Lucky Luke
One of the main problems facing the Old West´s inhabitants was the lack of women in frontier territories. Entire towns were populated only by men, while many unmarried young women languished on the east coast... Read more

The Last Templar 1
Lalor & Khoury
The Encoder
Acre, 1291. The last Crusader city in the Holy Land is about to fall. Two Knights Templar, obeying the grandmaster´s orders, manage to escape the invading Muslim army on the Order´s last ship. New York City, nowadays... Read more

Valerian & Laureline 12
Mézières & Christin
The Wrath of Hypsis
The head of Galaxity´s Spatio-Temporal Service himself has joined Valerian and Laureline at Inverloch Castle. There, among various human and alien allies, he explains to them the threat that looms over Earth: all of the recent incidents, all those important people gone mad and threatening to bring about the apocalypse... Read more

Damocles 3
Perfect Child
Iznogoud 13
I Want to be Caliph
Instead of the Caliph
The Last Templar 1
The Encoder
Lucky Luke 60
The Ballad of the Daltons
North-American readers, to locate a comic book shop near you that stocks or can order these titles and many more, us this handy Read more  

Or, if you're a retailer yourself, please go to: Read more
Blake & Mortimer 22
Professor Sato´s
Three Formulae – Part 1
The Survivors 3
Episode 3
Thorgal 17
The Blue Plague
Valerian & Laureline 11
The Ghosts of Inverloch 

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