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Monday, 27 June 2016

My FINAL Comment on the EU Referendum Disaster

Allegations of fraud in the EU referendum.....really? In a petition to have a 2nd referendum?

VERY serious.They are looking at fraud signatures on the petition but allegations of fraud during the referendum are ignored. Not serious enough.

And with 77,000 names removed that still leaves a genuine number of voters who have signed the petition: 3,658,409

Cameron does NOT want a 2nd vote because he's in a strop and people voted against him -so why should he bother. In fact there SHOULD be a general election or we are back again with someone who was unelected. The Conservative-Liberal (Conservative) alliance and then the travesty of the last election. 

Look where that's got us.

Looking at the grim side of things and possibilities, I do NOT want to see a return to conflict in Northern Ireland. The Irish are quite justified in being angry because they voted to remain in the EU not be dragged out of it by idiot English and Welsh voters.  

Wales, and many other areas in the UK depended on EU funding -they killed their, their childrens' and grand-childrens futures.

Scotland don't want to allow the Brexit because of self interest and wanting an independent Scotland -I understand that but it leaves those of us who are EU citizens fecked. I've never read so many deprewssing comments from so many people on social media before -many seriously thinking of moving to Scotland or abroad.

The EU turned its back on us without trying to do a thing from the moment the result came in. THAT is the Brotherhood of EU Unity? And they will not try to talk to the Brexit leaders (in hiding) to make a deal to keep the EU and UK together? Isn't that stamping its foot and screaming "Its MY ball and you can't play!"?

Politicians in the EU and UK have shown how little they really care for their citizens. They all have money so they are okay. Those who voted "Leave"....let's see you smile in two years time.

Johnson, Gove, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande  and the EU -hang your heads in shame.

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