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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Joe Quesada -The Man or The Artist?

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Someone mentioned Quesada (Joe Quesada of Disney/Marvel).  They did not understand that I think he is a "Yes Man" (see Marvel Comics The Untold Story for independent qualification of this belief). I don't like "Yes Men".

What they could not get their heads around is that I rate him as an artist. I do.

These are two distinct things.  Okay, as an artist he would have been shafted like other artists by someone doing the job he is doing.  So he covered his ass and earns much more money. Look at the man -he is NOT going to starve. Disney will screw him over without a blink when it suits them (probably before 2018 and you read that here first -remember that) but he's cementede his position to a certain degree.

I don't like the man but I like his artwork.  There are a few people in comics I really dislike and with good reason but I like their work.  I've given their work very good reviews and for that reason you will not realise how much I dislike them.

I could sit here and write long posts poking fun, calling into question all sorts of things and I know a lot (about 90%) bloggers do this. I don't. A comic or graphic novel if it arrives on my doormat will be reviewed no matter who wrote or drew it.  That's because I review material and NOT the person.

People keep saying "But you can't hate a person and then turn round and like his work!" 

Why not?  You see "Professionally" I write or with this blog review books/comics. As I see it if I let a serious, honest review be tainted by my dislike of a person I may as well give up. I do say "typical of his writing" or "as usual" but that is based on an opinion of that person's work.

So, Quesada draws good.

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