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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

BHP Comics: Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles

Written by Gary Chudleigh
Art & Colours by Tanya Roberts
Lettering by Colin Bell
Release Date: 18 March 2016 |
84 Page TPB |
R.R.P £8.99 |
ISBN: 978-1-910775-04-2
SICBA 2015 Award Winner for Best Comic and Best Artist

The near future. Scotland has been left decimated by a plague that has swept the country. The scattered population struggle to survive from day to day. And the blame for this pandemic falls squarely on ‘witches’ - seemingly ordinary people with extra-ordinary powers- who are hunted down and forced to stand trial by government sanctioned witch-hunters.

Thomas Mackie is one such witch-hunter and, alongside his dog Dex, he hunts down witches in order to save enough money and buy his way to a better life in one of the exclusive luxury apartment blocks, an oasis from the poverty and devastation. But things take an unexpected turn when Mackie’s latest target- a witch called Miranda Lee- blackmails him into helping her act out a dangerous plot to cure the plague, once and for all.

Written by Gary Chudleigh with art from Tanya Roberts (Star Wars : The Clone Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), this trade paper back collects the first three issues with bonus material.

Not having seen nor read Star Wars : The Clone Wars,nor Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all I can say is that I may have been lucky.  I absolutely hate the big eyes used by too many people in comics. In fact I have seen this style used so often that my eyes go blank.  The colour work is okay but the art.  No.  Not a fan.

The story? I got part way through ...oh. The next page is "Bonus Material" which isn't starting any fires.  So, I have read it all. No.  Just no.

If you go to BHPs web site you'll see people raving about this.  Reading some of the comments I have to wonder whether I got the same book? Tanya Roberts is popular enough to have a following and I am quite sure they will lap this up and I'll be called a "bastard" (it's on my passport as "Occupation"). But no. Art and

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