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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

BHP Comics -Laptop Guy Graphic Novel

Writer: Jack Lothian
Artist: Sha Nazir
Lettering: Colin Bell
Issue 1:
88 Pages 
Full Colour. 
Available on PRE Release
Price: £7.99

When fast food worker Sha blows his life savings on creating a comic called Laptop Guy, it’s a move that might not just cause his finances to crumble… but his entire world as well. A brand new full colour sitcomic extravaganza about work, friendship and glorious failure. Written by scriptwriter Jack Lothian (Shameless, Ashes to Ashes, Dr. Who) and with artwork by acclaimed designer and illustrator Sha Nazir.

Oh dear. Really, it's just a bunch of characters based on the style of animated TV show  Family Guy and American Dad.  Now this style works well with snappy dialogue and gags as in those two series but as a comic it does not. Plain backgrounds -might also work in a daily newspaper strip but as an 88 pages comic it just flops and the concept.......

On the BHP site is says Sha Nazir is colouring "Rom of the Reds".  Well, even if that's a typo -he still ain't unless he's calling himself Abby Bulmer?  I really really can't find this funny.  Maybe it is me? No idea but, again, if you are into those TV series or like the art style why not get a copy?

Also, I note the books all have similar "Shipping to United Kingdom from £3.00" and checking I find its an online store called Tictail and £3.00 is "standard" so maybe hang on until the creators or BHP go to shows and save money on postage.  Your choice.

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