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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Comic Editors Versus Comic Fans -WTF?? (Apparently Blogger Thought My Response Was Too Long!)

 Ja D made a comment and it was a good one. It raised a question that needed so many answers -but Blogger tells me my response was too long (?) so a posting.

Ja D wrote: "Terry, I have been wondering about the perpetual outrage engines at marvel and dc lately. These 2 companies make changes to their "product" that fans don't like and complain about. Are these fans entitled/sexist/racist/cishetrofascist haters, or are they customers who dislike what they are being sold, or something in the middle.

All this seems a bit bizarre to me with editors/writer/spokesmen hating fans, fans hating back and a lot of insults flying.

I can't think of any other businesses run this way. Any thoughts would be appreciated."

Oh, I couldn't just write "The Internet" could I?

Ja D: Well, it seems that the internet gives a lot of people the chance to anonymously or openly attack companies and people -all they have to do is sit by their PC or laptop and type.  No letter writing or phoning companies to complain.  As Stan Lee said more than once (paraphrasing) "The fans tell you they hate a thing you change it and quickly -because they're the ones keep your company going!"
These days Disney(Marvel) and DC do not really give a crap. 

Seriously, Tom Brevoort and all those other guys that were young and at the forefront of Marvel and DC are now middle aged "Yes" men. Joe Quesada was known as "Mr Yes" and Dan Didio -I'm never sure if it's plain incompetence or whether he is told what the bosses want and that's a "Yes Sirs!"

Comicbookgirl19 put it very clearly -which just back up what I have said for years so now other people are saying it and proving its not just me!- comics print runs are 25-50,000 probably half don't sell (ask your comic retailer WHY they cannot fulfill a standing order or fill shelves but give all sorts of dumb excuses BECAUSE the comics ARE there). CBG19:"Most people don't give a **** about the ****** comics -they go to see the movies or watch the TV programs!"

I HAVE given up on fandom. I mention how difficult it is the scan the fragile 50 year old Alan Class comics because they tend to fall apart -crystalised glue- and in comes one fella: "I disagree...."  not "I've not had that problem" just outright rude.  Same guy also failed to understand WHY full scans of Class Comics were not being offered and was very rude complaining "People seem to be content just uploading covers -maybe I've got the wrong group!" I had just finished uploading well over 300 images to the Class Face Book page so you can guess WHO he was taking a shot at.  I pointed out that there were only 6 members and they were there to talk and learn about Class Comics but screw that, heh -FANS!!

I blame parents who never taught their kids how to be polite and schools that never taught well so out come a bunch of ignorant idiots.  Then they see they can use a computer to spoil peoples' fun or hobbies -and it has happened on the You Tube Comic Community, gaming and crafting. But the nasties get short shrift. It is why with my Yahoo groups people CAN use pseudonyms on group but they DO NOT get allowed to join unless I know their real name. So many problems in the past with these types.

When you think of fandom and what it used to be -we all met up at comic marts or Westminster Comic Mart and talked artwork, paper types, pens, inks and so on as well as comics.  People also asked questions. Now, why leave your seat? If there's no freebie or reward involved why should you? That fandom of people talking and loving comics is so small these days and its why I like the You Tube community.

But 25-50, 000 copies print runs and, maybe, half sell...the movies, even the "flops", rake in a few billion and a lot of premieres are now outside the US which shows that studios know they cannot depend on US movie goers (and the US fans bleated over Captain America Civil War being shown in the UK before the US!). Merchandise -doesn't need comics. Animated shows, live action shows and movies not to mention attractions like Disneyland -where Star Wars Land is being added- THAT is where the money is.  Who needs a few million from comic books?

This is why comics reboot, reboot, reboot because the real fans KNOW that the characters they grew up with for 20, 30 or even 50 and with that sort of continuity are gone. The captain America of Marvel up to the 1990s is NOT the Captain Americas of 2000s -how many times has he died, retired, rebooted now?

So, long winded answer ending soon, we are left with people who see attention getting by name calling or using profanities in every sentence -online, on TV -everywhere.

If only that effort were put into getting good healthcare, proper homes and cutting back arms spending so the money could be put to good use!

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