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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wagga Gagga Bagga

Here is the joke. I thought that, as I had nothing better to do on my birthday yesterday, I'd do a kind of hourly check and see which country was viewing CBO.

The top country always tends to be the United States but recently the Ukraine and Russia temporarily ousted the US from position #1.  Then it's either France or Germany.  Ireland, the Phillipines -many countries are popping up on an hourly basis while the top 5 jiggle about positions.  I'm guessing this is due to time zones.

A lot are checking out the Cinebook reviews then news and, well, postings!

Now out of all of these people checking out CBO and the Black Tower online store postings I've had two sales this year.  That is the sign of a very unhealthy industry -pure and simple.  It is also why I've already made my decision re. CBOs future because if there is no fan chat then I'll leave it up to those viewers to find their comic news elsewhere -where it will be more biased.

But if with all the feeds and the numbers seeing the postings I cannot get sales of my own books then why bother at all?  I know, you don't want to know this but you are being told WHY I'm making the decision I have.

Working 7 days a week with no pay or reward. Is that a job YOU would go for?

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