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Friday, 3 June 2016

Time To Make Decisions

Okay, I need to sort things out and get rid of things that are bringing absolutely nothing to me personally. I was told "Don't pull the plug on CBO -ask for feed-back!"

So, a couple thousand of you visit CBO per day or read the feeds on whatever site. One or two of you must have questions whether about comics, comic publishing -anything CBO covers?

Next Friday, 10th June, if I get no feed-back (and I exclude the usual few people who do comment regularly) in the form of questions, etc. then it says CBO is not that important to anyone and that makes things far easier for me because my books I can post on over at the Black Tower blog.

I'm open to questions and it doesn't matter if your English isn't too great -comments are still welcome.

There you go.  Over to you.

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