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Monday, 30 January 2017

A Little Snippet About The Trial!

This story was written/drawn in 1995 for a proposed Egmont UK project but by that time they were losing things with more people coming in who had no idea what a comic was!  The Project title was "Jag 96".

The story takes place after the whole D-Gruppe Zeit-Geist Saga and sees five heroes -three of them D-Gruppe members- whisked off to The Cosmic Fulcrum and placed on trial -hence the title.  There is a lot more involved but origins are revealed for the first time and that of German hero Wavell should be a pleasant surprise.

When originally written, there were hints and clues that would evolved into the original Return of the Gods.  There was also a hint at what was then a VERY embryonic idea -"The Days of Darkness" which has since become The Green Skies.

Mentioning Zeit-Geist and hinting at The Return of the Gods is not all you will find when Black Tower Super Heroes 2-7 appear.  There are hints at and build up to The Green Skies and all of this new or up-dated (totally re-lettered) material is intermixed with some great UK Golden Age strips and some took a very long time per page to clean up, re-letter and make printable -remember some of these strips are over 80 years old and not printed on the best paper in the first place!

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