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Sunday, 22 January 2017

If You Read A Post Which Has All The Answers To Your Questions -DON'T Push it.

So, the comment asked, "are there any German super hero comics? Are they in colour? Where can you get them? What do German super heroes do?"

This comment after a post about that very subject.  It's called "taking the piss" in the UK. Three posts, one quite all encompassing and if you simply search this blog you'll get more choices:

Let's look at the inanity of that question: "are there any German super hero comics?" Dorn, Captain Berlin, Wind Konig, New Arden Chronicle, Der Engel and, of course, D-Gruppe.  Mentioned in the post commented on.

"Where can you get them?"  You are on the internet, the commenter seems to be popping onto a lot of other blogs so I guess using a keyboard and Google are not beyond him?  Some are no longer published but search Ebay or other sites and you might find examples.

Colour means you can read it as opposed to black and white meaning you cannot? Examples are shown in the post and if your interest is so narrow that you can only read colour comics -have you heard of DC or Marvel? Buy a black and white comic and some crayons and colour the book yourself.

"What do German super heroes do?"  .......................................? They go to Oktober Fest and eat curried wurst while guzzling lager.  D'uh! I mean, what sort of fucking question is that?  Ask a five year old "What do super heroes do?" and they'll tell you -ask my Great Nephews and I have no influence on their interests.  They know and one is 4 and the other 5 years old. Ask any kid from Rangoon to Perth or Soweto and they'll know.

What do Australian super heroes do?  They chase Kangaroos off busy roads and brew tea in tinnies, of course. French super heroes discuss the arts while sipping wines and eating soft cheese. And American super heroes are dumb-asses who vote in Donald Trump as US President. British super heroes sit in bus shelters eating fish and chips and sipping on cans of lager while talking about supermarket prices and "bloody foreigners".  Ass.

This is why comments got suspended. It happens to be the third time this person has left dumb-ass and possibly deliberately provoking comments on CBO. In the last 20 years I have seen this over and over: not enough people visiting your blog -try starting an internet argument on a blog with more visitors.  This all got very old back in 2004.

Read -read- the posts you comment on.  There are even pretty pictures for you -in black and white AND in colour.

I will answer genuine, serious questions and I like doing that when I get back on the net. But if you need views on your own blog that seem to criticise everything to get attention....go away. 

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