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Sunday, 22 January 2017

One Day My Army Shall Rise And I Will Conquer This Petty Little World

 Dr Richard Denning has a very nice tribute posting on his blog to the man who is, without doubt, the modern father of miniature military wargaming -Herbert George Wells.

Yes, the War Of The Worlds H. G. Wells.

Although wargaming with figures goes back to ancient Egypt as far as we know, it was a way to train in the art of tactic for real life. It is still used today in some academies.

Even the great actor Peter Cushing used to paint his own miniatures and wargame and there is a short newspiece on Cushing and his gaming which you can find on You Tube:

And the UK Peter Cushing Appreciation Society blog has a piece on this:

So, if you are one of the "new sort" of gamer whose hobby started in the 1970s -Dungeons & Dragons, Warhammer, etc. and look down your noses (and MANY do) at military wargamers -STUFF YOU. Our gaming goes back centuries before yours!

Don't get me wrong -I do have Orcs, dwarves, Elves and adventurers as well as a host of others -all in 20mm (which means 21-25mm in reality) or 1/72nd scale and all lovely and detailed. Not the kiddy 38-40mm (40k), chunky stuff.

That'll ruffles a few feathers!

Okay, you get your revenge because my eye-sight and hands mean I don't spend as much time as I want to on gaming these days -I have comic work to complete.

There are links to various blogs on my, well, let's call it a "blog list"!  But to check out 1/72nd click the Plastic Soldier Review link to see what is out there.

And, though 15-20 years ago you would have been escorted from any wargaming club for saying "toy soldiers" (they were "scaled, accurate military miniatures"!) now it's PC to say it. Standards dropping there!

uhm, I do hope the title of this post was not too harsh or unnerving?

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