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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Before Anyone Asks....

Yeah. Because people visiting CBO are commenting 'all the time'!

Anyway, on my occasional internet visits I am looking at wargaming terrain. If you don't like that then "God bless you"...that's more polite than I feel I ought to be.  But I do know that there are quite a few wargamers out there who visit CBO -fantasy, D&D, 40K and even the original military wargamers.  

I don't have much room so, although I could make terrain all day, I can't because nowhere to put it all (I have a couple 1/72nd (25mm) sized factories and small buildings for 1930s-WW2 Chinese-Japanese conflict.  I have a few burnt out buildings and I have enough "Timber framed" buildings for a European village.  Plus a few other odds and bobs.

Luckily, I have a foldable wallpaper pasting table but I never get the time to game.  Poundland do nice 12" x 12" (30cms x30cms) card cake bases. Flock and paint those and you can store them away ready to whip out and place everything on a wallpaper pasting table.  That's the plan.

The videos I posted yesterday cover some basics that might help a few newbies.  I still cannot believe that people complain of bent figures or warped plastic weapons these days -the dip in hot water method even allows you to re-pose some figures.

So, no more comic?  Well, if and when I get anything to review I will but so far I'm getting the "Your viewing figures are great and I'd like to get CBO to push my new comic" and that entails pdf copies and I never ever EVER accept download links or pdf because...come on, after 17 years you should know. A solid, real book to look at, read and review is better than promoting a pdf book that never appears or if it does the quality (print) is awful.

You are a publisher but never thought of review copies to send out (and let's be honest: there are very few sites out there will review your books today so...)?  Don't bleat to me about it.  I couldn't care less. You want to be a publisher then act like one and think things through. No hard copy review books no review. Simple.

I am always interested in hearing from Small Pressers and pushing their books -its why I set up the Zine Zone blog where views went crazy but, as with CBO and AOP blogs -not a comment. If it's just a hobby to publish well  and good.  If you want people to see your book and maybe make a little money from sales then bleating about posting a copy to me....well, why should I care?   Get your shit together.

Any comic news I find that interests me I'll post.  Looking at Vlogs and blogs since Christmas I can tell you that most involved buy about one Marvel title and two DC books -expense of the books is one reason but the main one is, as they all say, DC and Marvel suck.  And that is coming from people who were hardcore DC and Marvel comics fans of 20-30+ years. More buy Image Comics.  But they do think Image is an 'Independent' comics publisher, bless.

Not one of these people purchase or look at Small Press books. I'm not sure most know these books exist.

Obviously, my comic buying power is gone.  But I still have my own teeth.

So, don't despair and if certain comic videos are not in English you can look at them because comics is a visual medium. You may find the art is pretty cool and don't worry about Euro comics 'turning' you!


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