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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Black Tower Comics In German -a question asked.

I was having a chat with someone when I was asked why I didn't just publish my comics in Germany -start from scratch in a new and friendlier market?

Well, who is to say it will be friendlier?  Seriously, ignore the forums and comic fans seem genuinely interested enough.  And it is comic buying fans who are important.

If it was as simple as just selling English language books there -I'd be doing that.  My German is not up to doing a lot of translation work and I cannot see German comic fans going for English language books: they'll want to read in German for the most part.

Lettering, I could do better than that in Watcher when the first D-Gruppe story was published in it -see above.

But it is a lot of work and at the moment I'm more concerned with survival since no books sell from the online store (imagine putting all the translation work in sales!) and my weight loss shows you really DO need money to buy food!

Maybe comics in German in the future but not as far as I can see in 2017.

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