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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Things will not be the same.

To the Gentleman in Osaka: currently writing a letter to send. Keep yer chin up.

On a personal note my rather dire circumstances have not changed since last November. I'm still just hanging on to my tenancy so avoided that bit of nastiness.  Occasionally I get on the computer but to be honest if and when CBO comes back it will be different. Rather than several thousand people a day viewing posts and no one leaving comments, there will be no comments. Leave a message on the Black Tower Face Book page.

The blog will become what I want it to be. More in-keeping with my interests rather than pandering to so called 'comic fans' who don't give a shit or offer any support. Google+ views of this blog are nearing 4 million which, as I've pointed out before, means nothing to me. Total views from all sources mount to 15 million. Give me a dollar-per-view (£ is worth nothing) and then it would mean something.

All the views and not a book sold from the online store.  And I've also now "un-friended" 99% of people I knew in UK comics.  They want to back-stab, lie and then ask for support in promoting their books? Fuck them. Some of these people I've known and helped for over 35 years and when I ask "Can you just mention my online store?" after explaining the Why? Because they are Takers and some are crapping their pants that the UK comics mafia will turn their attention on them. Those are not friends.

In fact, apart from promo-posts, my books will not be up for discussion here. Go to Face Book for that.

So if and when I return, things will not be the same.

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