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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Di$ney To Make Marvel "Marvel" Again....I also have a bridge to sell if anyone is interested -?

Last year, around late Summer -and again later on- I wrote that if you followed Di$ney (Marvel) Comics then "wait til next year's big event".

No one bothered.  Now everyone is talking about how Marvel got slapped by DC in the sales and creativity stakes and how, Di$ney (Marvel) will be rebooting their comics after another major event -Secret Empire and blah blah blah.

No more listening to politically correct agendas that do not bring in the money.  The money is the single most important thing here because Di$ney love money.

Will it bring back readers -again?

Just look at "Marvel" since 2000 -how many reboots?  How much crap spread over the dinner table until you just walk away?  It's always the same with DC and Marvel -they will force excrement down your throat and as you say "No more!" and walk away...."Please.  Come back. We'll change. We love you fans!"

So people jump back comes that excrement pizza again!

Fans walk away. "Please.  Come back. We'll change. We love you fans!"

the fans go back and then -high octane solidified fertilizer. "ENOUGH!!!" scream the fans and walk away.  "Please.  Come back. We'll change. We love you fans!"

And the fans go back again. So what are we hearing now? "Please.  Come back. We'll change. We love you fans!"

It's the money they want.  Not you. And another Civil War rehash is all it takes.

Di$ney (Marvel) -okay, and DC- are like that ex-junkie....there is no such thing as an ex-junkie. "Well, maybe one more can't hurt" Then they go straight until "Well, maybe one more can't hurt"

Di$ney is never going to stop doing what they have been doing since buying out Marvel. That next big "hit" to pull in the money. Say "Sorry" then do it again until one day you find a huge garbage skip in an alley and lying in it is...'Marvel comics'.

So be warned: it's another con because 2018 has another big event for late Summer -more likely announced at San Diego Comic Con 2018.  Well, two projects but no one has decided which one to go with yet.

Suckered once -bad luck.  Suckered twice -well, it happens but be warned.  Third, fourth, fifth times -you know thinking with your ass isn't good -right?

Find out some cases less, just google "Marvel Secret Empire event" and remember to Believe Nothing.

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  1. Wow the biggest shock in that article to me was that DC slapped MARVEL in sales and creativity, DC for me are not what they used to be (apart from the odd title they are exceptionally very poor indeed imho). I lost interest in Marvel after the first Secret Wars series and have no idea what is going on anymore or who is who (so many characters have changed different people, sex etc - then again I only dip in and out of titles now so maybe they are better than I think - lovely art in many cases) . I don't follow these multi comic book crossover series (costs a fortune how much money do folk spend on ruddy comics ) but I will admit I though the idea of the first Civil War series was pretty good, but the execution of the story wasn't imho that great in places (incidentally I read this mostly via comics I bought 5 for £1 in grab bags ie they didn't sell). I think I am turning into Alex Toth in my opinion on comics this weather i.e Capt America etc should be heroes plain and simple it shouldn't be uncool to be a nice/ good guy now and then.