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Friday, 24 February 2017

Problems With Your Model Bases/Grundlagen: Bases und Untergründe / Base (Tabletop-Zubehör, TWS)

Something for the wargamers, D&D and RPG folk out there -and I know you look at these things as I've seen the comments elsewhere linking back here.  At least you credit and share!

It's all "Use MDF or plasticard for terrain bases" but most of us do not have fully equipped studios/work benches with Dremmels and cutting equipment let alone the ability to buy and carry big sheets of the stuff.  So what do us folk with no money do?  We use thick card or even foam-core (used to display photos or art on).  Easy to cut with a good craft knife or big scissors.

I can make terrain all day long, even if I don't get the chance to use the stuff on a big table.  I have different temple and ruin styles, buildings the works. However, we get that problem of edges curling up because the card has absorbed the PVA (Elders/wood) glue and paint. So your building or terrain wobbles.

One gamer has suggested painting the card surface with enamel paint first.  It is not water based like acrylic so is not absorbed into the card or foam-core.  Lindybeige (about 4 mins in) suggests a way to stop the warping -he has used it successfully:

But what about the bases already warped?  Rip everything off and start again?  No. I've been watching Tabletop Workshop (I've nothing better to do with my life) and although it is all in German here is the good thing: if you make terrain or craft you just watch the tutorial.  Seriously, you know what PVA is (holzleim or "leim") and you know what a craft/safety knife is?  Just watch and it's easy without knowing German!

In this video you are shown in easy steps that do not need words, how to flatten out those card bases. Takes about two hours. I'm watching and listening and thinking "It CANNOT be that easy!"  I just tried the method and it works!   Starts about 2mins 50 secs in.  Fellas, ladies -this will work!

TWS is getting added to the blogroll!

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