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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

It Is Not True.

I wish I was as successful as rumour mongers seem to want to make me!

There are, of course, countries where I would love to see my comics published. There was a plan a few years back but one publisher after another pulled out.

Some were not real publishers. Others decided they needed "to go in another direction" -music usually. But over the years I have tried, as long time CBOers will know: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Czech & Slovak Republics, Lithuania, Latvia and so on.

Now, if I had the money I would have had the material translated and published the comics myself. But I am not rich (as my decreasing waistline).

Sad but that's life.  So, if you read the rumours about the Black Tower Croatia, Poland or Ukraine deal (people won't buy my books but do they LOVE making stuff up about me!) none of it is true.


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