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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Returning From The Tower Library: The British Face Of French Comics

Wow. This all seems awfully out-dated now and it was only posted in 2010 (17th November)!

the Britcomics Yahoo group is now full of a lot of covers covering this subject and until I can find a French comic historian who does not look down his/her (WHY are comic historians -Wendy Siuyi Wong excluded but she is not a full time historian of Manhua) nose at these "dregs" and who can provide some idea of publication dates, etc., I thought "add more covers!"

So, original post AND more covers!!!


  1. Brilliant article Terry. I was aware that UK comics were printed overseas (think I had a few back in the day from holidays to France, Italy etc) but I wasn't aware they published so many title - and they all look great. House of Dollman and Janus Stark were big favourites of mine as a kid (heck I still love them) so good to see they got an extended life in Europe - I still think there is a market for these characters in Some form, in the UK - really sad that characters like Adam Eterno etc are in comic book limbo, even worse to read how bad writers and artists were treated )although from reading previous post form you that seems to still be happening).

  2. Here is a French site with lots of these:

    At you'll find some reprint references from the IPC libraries to in particular Norway, I recently added quite a few for the Cowboy Picture Library.

  3. Terry, here you have a french board specialized in small-formats and magazines !! I'm sure you can find lots of things there, if you don't speak french it's ok, you can post in English, you'll have answers, no problem !!