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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I was asked why I don't "pimp" (promote) UK comic days like I do with the Nerdzig TV people from Germany?  Well, NO UK comic shop or event has ever promoted or offered to help me in over 35 years.  That's the simple answer.

Also, more people from Germany visit CBO than the UK.  Usually it's the USA, Germany, France, Ukraine, Russia and the UK position varies. Today some 185 people from Germany checked out CBO (THANK YOU) and that was at 1600 hrs. Only 45 from the UK (but, again, THANK YOU).

If the UK produced more comic related videos I'd push them but 99% of UK videos are reviewing the same Marvel/DC/Image comics and that is BORING.  Nerdzig TV produce short but entertaining videos and if I post a lot of Franco-German comic videos it is because THEY produce them.

That simple.  Now, I have to go prepare more legal paper work for my case.

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