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Thursday, 23 February 2017

I just wish.....

Just checking to see whether auto posts and links have worked.  They have.  That said, I may be gone some time as the financial situation is still...awful.

Monday to Thursday (today) has seen the usual amount of traffic I just wish some of you would buy books!

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  1. sent off big package today. will arrive in 2 weeks.

  2. Terry, just looking at three of your books which arrived yesterday from Lulu. A nice selection. 'The Purple Hood, Land of Hope','D-Gruppe Zeit-Geist' and the 'Spring-Heeled Jack' book. If you keep them available, I'll keep buying them. Albeit my purchases may be few and far between.

    Peter Duncan

  3. Mr Dilworth -got ya. I'll post my letter after yours gets here :-)
    Ocadpete -glad they got to you safely. At the moment I can't get to delete anything! But THANKS for the purchase!

  4. you got one of my comments ! good. You 've been posting things I want to comment on ! going back a few months - the Batman and Predator fan made shorts. Really good ! It's surprising the quality of some of these productions. Not 100% but what the hell ! Good quality ( I'm sure there's some bad stuff out there, too, but that's par for the course). that you're putting out more war-gaming stuff - great ! Fine ! That's the diversity we need. It's interesting , fun and something we don't always get to see. Random but; in the stuff I'm sending you there's a mix of text stories and comics that I think is pretty important for a comic book of the 'future'. If only I could put in QR codes and links. For another day. Hope you get this.

  5. ill try to reply tomorrow am on a crappy lap top i can just about see!!

  6. Hullo. Back on the real breaking down but I can read what's on the screen computer. Because abuse and spam keep getting through I put all comments on moderation so I check twice a day to make sure there are none waiting. The Dark Knight by Wayne Weed impressed Mr Brown -I'm hoping Weed manages to film the other parts of the series. I think it was more fun than Frank Miller's The Spirit movie that I tried to watch...oh how I tried but despite the look and feel it was just shite.
    Music, too. Feck 'em if they don't like it but Steve Lines (yeah, the zinester) Storm Clouds tracks got a lot of views/hearings. I really don't care. Rare to get feedback and if 3000 people a day are visiting then they must like the content -the wargaming stuff are getting good hits, too. Sadly, since Google+ forced everyone to take their new look or go away views have dropped -lots of people deserted Google+ and, of course, view totals no longer exist. Its a mess.
    15, 421 views of the AOP blog in January but its like posting to no one and not one post has had feed back, info on news incidents, etc -and it certainly has not sold a book for me. The number of different countries visiting the blogs (I notice CBO stats counter "sticks" every so often) is an eye opener. Not a sign of anyone from the Antarctic which is worrying...where'd they go if--I wonder whether they were aliens? I say feck QR codes. I think I know what they are but feck em. Look forward to the package then I can reply sending my January/February letter! Keep healthy!