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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

It Was THAT Close A Thing At 04:15 hrs

Yes, I am aware that Blogger has again managed to somehow delete images from posts on CBO. They do this but will not respond to queries about it.  They ban a post (more kudos to me) but will not discuss it (others are dealing with this matter now).

At times I wonder why I bother -lot of work and the network whose blog managing screw things up and just go "la la la la". I'm glad that CBO cut off date is looming though after the night I had I did almost delete the blog at 04:15 hrs this morning.

Remember that if images are missing from an interview I've done -such as John Cooper's (which has had images replaced posted several times)- the pictures and photos are non deletable in my Hooper Interviews book.

Now, rather than sit here with the internet time I have reading the "no comments made" section of CBO or the AOP blog -I'm off to beg for money!

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