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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Is Marvel abandoning SJW 's and Identity Politics?

HAH! Not just me it seems. Here's another opinion on the whole "Come Back To Marvel" thing!

I have to admit that these SJWs tend to pick something and rage until it is destroyed.  Comics has realised what is going on as the SJWs are now fighting each other and splintering off into "niche groups".

And now Warhammer 40K gaming is being focussed on -PETA re the fact that the miniature figures "wear furs" and now 40K gamers are being called fascists! Go to the second video for that!!

Should also point out that if you Google "PETA putting Healthy Animals to sleep" you will find that the organisation is not on such High Ground. (PLEASE do not do that search unless you are an adult because some images are disturbing)

BAD language!!!!!!  Never EVER upset gamers :-)

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