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Monday, 1 May 2017

Jim Shooter ~Someone asked me....

I have very little to say about Jim Shooter other than what I have always said and written publicly.

Shooter was paid to do a job, as a writer or editor, and he did a good job. He knows comics and Marvel Comics nose dived after he left.  Yes, uh, rather "bravely", certain comic personalities in their waning years, have taken to blogs or anywhere they think people will listen, to name call and accuse Shooter of everything and anything.  The only drawback to Sean Howe and his Marvel book was that it seemed to want to be negative about Shooter with no real solid facts.

Remember that a lot of sources were the same old~same old creators who jumped ship from Marvel to DC and name called like spoilt little kids and swore never ever to work for Marvel again. Then they jumped from DC to Marvel and did the same.  Depending who is paying these little snorts, they appear in extras on dvd ~getting a dig in at Marvel....or DC.

Go by what was produced at Marvel under Shooter and you find good comics.  I do not care about Gary Groth or his opinion of Shooter.  Nor of Marv Wolfman and his opinion. Nor....well, any of the spoilt little brats who have far from clean records themselves.

Shooter kept Marvel going at a time when it was tough for comic companies. He sacked someone? Hey, that happens every day. The Big bosses decide someone has to go the next down, in this case editor in chief, does the firing.

I have read it all but sneaks who want to self promote themselves and try to get around editors or decide a project given to them HAS to be done their way because THEY are the "genius"...huff and puff and cry and stamp their feet. How many of them are working full time on comics now?

"Lets blame Stan Lee!" "Lets blame Thomas!" "Lets blame Shooter!" "Lets blame the guy at the local deli because he did not call me "Sir" in the right tone!"

Get a life.  Do proper research and instead of being a "comic fan for five years now" (who was not born when Shooter was at Marvel) but talk in your blogs or videos about those "great issues" (from Shooters time in charge)...get off the band wagon and think for yourself.

Oh, and who do you think it was taking original artwork from Marvel ~you know, the stuff Lee and Shooter would "never return"?  Artists and writers working at Marvel. You know, the "innocent" guys.

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