Friday, 7 September 2018

There's A Cold Wind Blowing From The South....seriously

Not sure where you are but in this valley the wind is cold enough that I have to put my compression gloves on again!  Seriously, can't we get a proper summer and Autumn any more.

Bloody Brexit!

Anyway, I am just waiting to see whether the old PC (bought in 2005) decides to start working.  Been sat here an hour so I guess not. Luckily, everything is saved but...doesn't do much good without a computer to open devices on.  And this laptop is old and cranky as anything.

Any computer companies want to supply me with a new PC in exchange for a permanent "Sponsored by---" at the top of the page?

Worth a try.

The new book is...was...being tidied up but is tiny compared to my usual standards at under 200 pages.  I know, unbelievable, right?

Blogger appears to be wanting to drive away bloggers it seems.  (you will not have noticed but the laptop just shut down but this time it saved everything!).  My advice would be to get an accurate views counter because Blogger is useless.  Looking at stats yesterday only 130 people visited the site.  However, click on Audience and I see Waaaaaay higher figure.  Which do I believe?  The Home Page counter shows over 2000 views yesterday.  Give up on Blogger stats!

Odd, first time I've had a notification that one of the items I sent to Pinterest has been "repinned". I go there and I find images from posts recent as well from over the last few years so people ARE still reading the old posts.

I wish they'd buy books then I could afford a new computer!

The cover for my new book needs text ammending but it seems to be very isn't JUST an image you know -there is a book attached!

Better go now as I may need to put a hammer into the PC.

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