Thursday, 1 November 2018

I Really Do Not Care

I had something of a disagreement with an idiot.  He knows who he is -and his friend on the group. I do not buy Mylar bags, acid free backing boards or anything like that.  I have basic bagging and not even comic bags -including for my collection of Vol. 1-7 of the Avengers, the Sub-Mariner silver/bronze age series.

Screech  screech  screech! Look, what does anyone care about my comic books?  Do you want to buy them -if so offer me a decent sum now.  No cherry-picking, no piss-assing about "what grade" "are the staples nice" offers?  Thought not.  My comics (1940s-2018) are absolutely no ones business and I know when I die it will all be dumped and burnt.  No one wants them while I am alive so like feck do I care what happens to the boxes of comics when I'm dead.

Then talk about preserving my UK Golden Ages collections.  No. I put a lot of money and work into those books over 25 years. Scan them and put them online for free?  Feck off.  All the other books, graphic novels "they need to be preserved too!"  Why?  If people were interested in my publishing output they would be buying. YOU have no interest.  THEY have no interest.

I made it clear a few years back that when I dropped dead the online store is immediately shut down and files deleted.  That is in place in writing.

I don't usually bother stating the obvious but my comics and comic albums, graphic novels -rare and not so rare are mine.  I know my family's plans for "the junk".

My books that I put decades of work into?  Hey, the lack of support from everyone has been overwhelming.  That's why I live below the poverty line like a lot of other Indie comic creators. If you cared at all about publishers or even my work you haven't shown it.

I personally do not give a shit what you think. If you even do bother giving this any thought because after 24 years of CBO by the silence in comments I'm believing to think 6 million views is someone's joke.

Buy and support or shut up and do not tell me how to manage my collection.

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