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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Cinebook The 9th Art: Lament of the Lost Moors 1- Siobhan

Lament of the Lost Moors – Siobhan
Authors: Rosinski & DufauxAge
Full colour
18.4 x 25.7 cms
Age: 15 yrs +
ISBN: 9781849181693
Price: £8.99 inc. VAT
 September 2013

The land of Eruin Dulea is ruled by a powerful and merciless sorcerer. A generation ago, he defeated his last challenger to the throne, Wulf, in a titanic battle. Wulf’s widow, Lady O’Mara, and his daughter Siobhàn can finally stop hiding, though. By marrying Lord Blackmore, Lady O’Mara places herself under his protection.

But Siobhan is a strong-willed young woman, more at ease with a sword than a spinning wheel, and Blackmore himself isn’t all he seems to be...

Dufaux is a proven writer of high standard material so he knows how to weave a good story.  Characterisation is also good. Rosinski..if I need to introduce you to the art of Grzegorz Rosinski then you have obviously never read the incredible Thorgal or read me raving about him on CBO. Or you could just be new here….

Backgrounds, figures, facial expressions are all complimented by the colour work of Graza.  There is a nice full colour sketch illo of the main character at the back of the book plus a double page spread sketch of warriors moving with blazing torches.

This looks like it is set to be a great new series for Cinebook.

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