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Friday, 30 September 2016

Black Tower Open Revenue Report

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To date, 2016 has seen some 24 books sold. Sales totalling £62.83 but note that every sale tagged as "US" has later had US taxes paid (something Lulu -the POD) does not show but which would be helpful.  So "Revenue" is sales before tax (which is why you see "Revenue*").

Where you see £0.00 those are some of the books I purchased for friends hence, I make no money!

In total some eight (8) books were purchased by people in the United States but taxes took care of a lot of that BUT I am very grateful for any custom!

Only six (6) were sold in the UK which shows the amount of interest here though, again, I do not turn my nose up at any custom am I am grateful someone in the UK bought my books.

Someone in Italy purchased the Ultimate British Gold Collection and I hope he/she enjoyed it! Well, no one in the UK seems interested in our comics history so...

And I am VERY grateful to whomever it was in France that purchased Some Things Strange & Sinister and Some More Things Strange & Sinister -Thank you"

taking away the US taxes the total sales revenue up to September is around £48.00 which, for a business I work on 7 days a week, holidays included, is...a loss.

Check it out yourselves...

And you want to know about September sales?

So there you go.  Open publishing which is 99.9% unheard of in UK comics (I'm the 1%!) and with the wide spectrum of genres and books Black Tower has -the biggest selection in Europe- you have to ask how this is alleged to be a "thriving and growing industry"?

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