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Saturday, 17 September 2016

If only I Had £25-30, 000 In My Bank Account!


It seems odd, and I did NOT want to talk numbers again this month, but I've noticed direct-to-CBO views dropping while those not direct views have risen.  However, they do not match the rise in Google+ views.

I hadn't realised any of this until one of my "followers" (yes, I have enough followers to qualify as a cult...I said "cult"!) mentioned it.

On the 11th September total views were 3, 163, 017 while today, the 17th, they stand at:3, 182, 949  which is 19, 932 in six days.

To be honest I don't even want to give time to trying to work it all out because it still means there are on average 25-30,000 combined views per week checking CBO.

Numbers.  Meh.  I want to see those numbers in my bank account with a £ sign at the front and "credit" following it!

Hey -my blog I can fantasise!

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